The Decline in Religion
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 27, 2023
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Gallup is out with with a study of the church-going habits of Americans. The headline: not too many of us are going at all.

In 2012, about 40 percent of us attended weekly worship. Today that number is 30 percent.

My religion, Catholicism, has fallen 7 percent in just three years. Protestant sects down 4 percent.

The United States has become a secular nation like France and Britain. Even though religion-based schools offer a far better education than public schools, generally speaking, many Catholic schools are closing.

In 1963, I graduated eighth grade at St. Brigid's School on Long Island. The three classes receiving diplomas had 175 students.

Last week, my Goddaughter graduated from the same school. One class, 36 students.

The decline of religious commitment is, of course, being felt in crime, narcotics consumption, personal betrayal, extreme behavior, and even disrespecting religion as the Los Angeles Dodgers recently did by honoring an anti-Christian hate group.

Unfortunately, American religious leaders have no answer.  Most are frightened, few engage their congregations in meaningful ways.  My church last Sunday was 20 percent full for 10:30 mass.

Add it all up, traditional theology-centered lifestyles are disappearing from our country.

God help us.

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