The Destructive Actions of Senator Feinstein
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 11, 2018
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Well, things look like they are getting back to normal after The Kavanaugh debacle. The national news agencies are back attacking Donald Trump for everything. They moan about him giving a speech in Pennsylvania while Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle, they wail about an op-ed the President wrote on health care, they snipe at the First Lady for not being politically correct.

It’s all so boring, so predictable, so corrupt. Journalism is on life support in America. Watch CNN (“the world’s most trusted news agency”) for 30 minutes and tell me I’m wrong.

There is one big story that is being largely ignored but that I will lead with tonight on The No Spin News: the destructive actions of Senator Dianne Feinstein in the Kavanaugh case. The Senator’s dubious behavior is the key to unraveling a national scandal. I will lay it all out for you tonight.

Also, please read my new column about the University of North Carolina and Christine Ford that we’ve just posted.

See you tonight beginning at 7 eastern time.