The Epidemic of School Shootings Continue to Rise
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 15, 2018
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The epidemic of school shootings is obviously a very troubling part of American life.  Although violent crime is down significantly in this country, we see horrific crimes involving children far too often.

It is all about rage when kids decide to kill.  Money is not involved nor is political terror.  It’s personal.

Tonight on a special edition of The No Spin News, we will analyze the Florida massacre and the ongoing school shootings in a different way.  If we are ever going to improve school safety, you have to identify the root of the problem - we will tonight beginning at 7 eastern time.

For BillO’ premium members, our podcast will prove once again that the analysis we deliver is unique and honest.  We will have no posturing or cliche-ridden panels.

As always, we’ll give it to you straight.  As difficult as that might be.

See you tonight.
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