The Extreme Team
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 20, 2019
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The Extreme Team
As part of the research for my upcoming history book on President Trump, I am speaking with a lot of people who know him.  Most of the conversations involve compiling information that I will then confirm or, if I can’t, not use.  There will be no speculation in the book and, most importantly, no anonymous sources.  Everything I write, apart from opinion quotes, will be front and center fact, making the book almost unique in this age of corrupt media reporting built around invisible sources.
Recently, I spoke with the President’s eldest son, Don, Jr., about his father and the rank hostility surrounding him.  He said something very interesting:
“I’m pretty damn conservative, but I have friends who are not.  I used to be able to say, okay, I can put myself in their shoes and I can argue their side of the deal and do it pretty effectively.  I can’t do that anymore, Bill.
“Post-term abortion, the black face (Virginia), there is no double standard they won’t blow out of the water.”
Trump, Jr. is essentially saying there is no reasoning or fairness in much of the liberal movement.  And the fact is that not one high-profile Democrat that I know of spoke out against the Virginia Governor when he calmly discussed killing a baby after birth.  Not one.
No high-profile progressive person who condemned Trump supporters after the bogus Jussie Smollett story has apologized.
Not one famous person who convicted Brett Kavanaugh of heinous crimes without a shred of supporting evidence, has said ‘maybe that was wrong.’
In the two decades that I analyzed the news on television, I tried to consider what the liberal message was.  I wanted to evaluate it using facts as my guide.  Sometimes I agreed with it.  For example: the military strategy to pacify Iraq after the invasion was terrible and based on a faulty view of the world.
But now the liberal movement has gone so far left it makes Scandinavian politics look moderate.  In its denial of due process and hatred of all things Trump, the progressive movement has actually become dangerous to America.  The Twitter mob that drives progressive thought has obliterated honest debate and pushed an extreme agenda onto the Democrat Party.
Every Democrat running for president is petrified of the Twitter mob.
And they should be.  These people will viciously attack you if their insane views are criticized or even questioned.  And the national, corporate-run media will now gleefully pick up the libel and defamation coming out of the far-left Twitter sewer.
Politics has changed for the worse in the USA.  No longer are opposing points-of-view acceptable.  Today, it’s a pack mentality bent on vengeance.  And it’s taken over an entire political party.
No one can justify that.