The Fake News Blues
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 22, 2018
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Can we stop with all this fake news stuff?  It’s boring now.  Let’s just state the truth and advance the story: most national news agencies believe Donald Trump is bad for the country and will continue to provide that narrative, ignoring or playing down the good things he might accomplish.

In response, the President will continue to lash out at the media because he is personally aggrieved by the widespread disdain, and because he knows his base despises the press - believing it is in the tank for liberal causes.

Nothing fake about that analysis.  Any questions?

The conservative Media Research Center puts forth that last year the combined nightly news programs on ABC, CBS, and NBC were critical of President Trump in 90 percent of their stories, favorable in ten percent.

Somewhere Richard Nixon is shaking his head.

On the three Cable News stations the situation isn’t quite as bad because Fox News is somewhat favorable to Mr. Trump.  Of course CNN and MSNBC cover the President much like they covered the Ebola virus: not good. Ever.

What Donald Trump should understand is that the loathing for him on the part of the media chieftains is anything but fake - it’s as real as Jeff Bezos’ money.  Generally speaking, producers and editors are corporate people.  They climbed steep ladders to obtain power and they are astute in understanding what their owners want.

And most corporate bosses don’t want Trump.  That feeling filters down fast, that I can tell you.  If you walk into The New York Times newsroom wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, you may be lunching in the Bronx very soon.

The arrogance of the national press corps is not fake either.  These mostly well educated folks sincerely believe that their intellects provide them with abilities far beyond the average bear.  No whoppers with cheese for them.  No Nascar races unless they happen on St. Bart’s.

Again generally speaking, the guardians of information see President Trump as a vulgarian who, somewhat miraculously, is running the country.  God couldn’t have anything to do with it because the press doesn’t really acknowledge God.  But Donald Trump’s presence in the Oval Office has become a personal insult to many journalists; an intolerable situation.  It must be undone.  That is the real press crusade.

So, the fake news thing is passé.  It used to be that Journalism was all about finding the truth.  That is long gone.  Now the press is tasked with enforcing their truth - and the headline is that President Trump is a danger to the Republic.

And know this, in the collective minds of the corporate media, that sentiment is as real as real can be.

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