The Feud Between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 22, 2020
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My analysis of the current feud between President Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi started all of this by ripping up the State of the Union address—remember that? Well once President Trump got wind of that, all gloves were off for Mr. Trump.

Then this week the Speaker called the President ‘morbidly obese,’ after President Trump announced he was taking hydroxychloroquine. To which, Mr. Trump replied, very eloquently, saying that Nancy Pelosi has ‘mental problems.’

So here we have two of the highest-ranking officials in the country doing this kind of stuff while the world goes, ‘what the deuce is happening?’

But remember, this is kind of thing is not new. 

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams hated each other. If Andrew Jackson could’ve, he would’ve shot John Quincy Adams. Teddy Roosevelt despised Woodrow Wilson. Dwight Eisenhower did not like the Kennedys at all. 

So—this feud, it’s amusing but not unique.

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