The Hapless DA
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 5, 2023
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A few things are clear about the Trump indictment. First, after his press conference, I think it's fair to say that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is not exactly Eliot Ness. Or even Barney Fife. His entire case rests on the assertion that Donald Trump used illegal business practices to cover up or commit a greater crime. 
But what crime? Bragg told reporters that he doesn't have to say.
It's instructive to put Alvin Bragg in the TV show "Law and Order: Criminal Intent." The fearless lawman is convinced that an alleged dalliance between Mr. Trump and an actress that occurred in 2006 is the basis of 34 felonies in 2023.
Think about this. Ten years after the interlude supposedly occurred, Ms. Stormy shows up with a lawyer demanding money. Why? Because it's two weeks before the election of 2016. If Daniels had not brought the lawyer, who's now in prison, she could have been charged with alleged extortion. And then there was another woman who wanted to sell her ancient history to the National Enquirer.
These are the people Alvin Bragg is championing.
The hapless DA has to know that "intent" to violate the law has to be established in order to convict Trump. Surely, the former President's lawyers will say money changed hands to avoid family embarrassment. That happens in this litigation-mad country every minute.
Tuesday was not a good day for law enforcement in America. Alvin looked like one of the chipmunks, not a champion of justice.
Or am I wrong?
See you later for the No Spin News.