The Kamala Factor
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 16, 2020
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The Kamala Factor
Like the vicious Covid infection back in February, it is taking a while for many Americans to understand the danger that is looming.  Joni Mitchell once sang: “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone ...”
So please pay attention for Joni’s sake.
The Democratic Party, driven by its far-left spear point, senses it could win the presidency and both houses of Congress in November.  The Dems well understand they have a rare opportunity to control pretty much every aspect of American life.  They have a solid partnership with the powerful corporate media, an eccentric and unpredictable incumbent in President Trump, and a brutal weapon in racist and gender allegations.  The “woke” movement is an unprecedented threat to freedom of expression.
The question then becomes a simple one: do you think most Americans are aware of the big picture here?  The answer is no, by the way.
Let me provide a very vivid example of what I’m talking about.  California and New York have both become one party states because of the massive influx of new foreign residents.  Traditionally, immigrants favor the political party that “provides” more government assistance and that, of course, is how Democrats operate.  
So today, Sacramento and Albany are ruled by liberal politicians who have imposed their philosophy: high taxes, less social order, aggressive restrictions and regulations on the private economy.
The results have been disastrous.  All you have to do is travel to New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to see the anarchy for yourself.  

I don’t advise going to Portland, Oregon or Seattle because law enforcement in those places has collapsed.
The harsh reality on display in liberal precincts should easily put President Trump back in office.  But they will not.  Because many voters are still dependent upon news outlets that provide propaganda, not facts. Also, Mr. Trump is the most controversial president in history.
So if the Biden-Harris ticket prevails and the Dems gain control of both houses of Congress, expect a blanket amnesty for undocumented aliens.  In addition, those “legalized” by law will be put on the fast track to vote by mail. That will mean Texas and Florida, home to many undocumented folks, will likely become blue states.
And then the federal government will largely be controlled by the left, just like California and New York.
Enter Senator Kamala Harris who could very well preside over this Brave New World. She definitely sees the future and it is her. Joe Biden is Paul von Hindenburg in 1932 Germany.  An old guy who is malleable. Kamala is the ticket, so to speak.
Again, do you think most voters have any clue?  Do you think The New York Times and Washington Post will tell them?
But Joni Mitchell has to know that traditional America and the society it supports could soon be gone.  And Kamala can’t wait.