The Kavanaugh Effect
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 28, 2021
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The Kavanaugh Effect
It was a brutal exposition played out on world wide television.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh rhetorically torn to pieces by ideologues who wanted him destroyed.  A seat on the Supreme Court hung in the balance and if Kavanaugh and his family had to be humiliated, so be it.  President Donald Trump could not be allowed to put a traditionally-minded judge on the court.
A devoted liberal named Christine Blasey Ford supplied the allegation.  Kavanaugh, she said, had sexually abused her when they were both teenagers.  Ms. Ford produced scant evidence but she had one thing that was more important than proof: a lockstep media which would believe her no matter what.
Enlisting a far left Washington attorney, not paid by her, Ms. Ford wove a tawdry tale and the press printed every word of it.  Of course, reasonable doubt quickly appeared, but to no avail.  The media, many in Hollywood, and the majority of Democrats in the senate, gleefully convicted Brett Kavanaugh, shamed him, described him as a heinous individual.
In the end, the judge did ascend to the Supreme Court thanks to Republican senatorial votes.  But just barely.  You may have noticed the public was relatively muted about the Kavanaugh appointment.  That’s because decent people understand that while some allegations are true, others are lies.  No honest person condemns on accusation.
One of those who did convict Brett Kavanaugh was the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.  He demanded the judge take a lie detector test.  He “believed the victims.”
Well, karma is an interesting concept.  Last week, Mr. Cuomo was accused of “misbehavior” by a woman in his administration.  Like Kavanaugh, the Governor denied any wrongdoing.
But unlike the judge, the corporate media largely ignored the story.  Incredibly, on the day the allegations came forth, the CBS, ABC and NBC nightly newscasts did not mention it.  MSNBC and CNN also declined to report the situation, despite having hours of air time to fill.
This kind of blatant media corruption is now common and undeniable.  But here’s the thing.  The corporations that own the TV news agencies could not care less if they are corrupt.  So what?  We make money.  All that matters.
By the way, the champions of women everywhere, The New York Times, ran the Cuomo story on page 19.  That’s where articles about recycling usually go.
It is clear that the American people can no longer count on a fair press.  As the Hunter Biden situation demonstrated, the corporate media has allied itself with the Democratic Party and, in that capacity, is quite willing to suppress and distort important information.
The harm that will do to each American is substantial.  We should all be livid about it.
Everyone, that is, except the Governor and Hunter.