The Liberal Emergency
By: Bill O'ReillyMarch 7, 2019
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The Liberal Emergency
Right this second, as you are reading these words, four committees in the House of Representatives are thinking up more ways to investigate President Trump.
Instead of concentrating on solving vexing problems like a 22 trillion dollar debt, or a record trade deficit with China, or thousands of poor people trying to surge the southern border, these Democrats in the House are worried about things like Ivanka Trump getting security clearance from daddy.
Many Americans are confused by this.  So many problems, so few Congressional solutions.  Is Ivanka really that important?  Why is so much time being spent on utter nonsense?
There is an answer to that question, and it has to do with the national emergency situation and the liberal mind.  Above everything the USA is experiencing in 2019, above all, is one simple but powerful belief on the left.
President Trump himself, is the true national emergency.  Destroying him is top priority, everything else is dust in the wind.
If you understand that, you can prepare yourself for the near-term future.
Soon, the Mueller Report on alleged collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russians trying to sabotage the 2016 election will be released.  Robert Mueller and his merry men have run up a $30 million tab on the taxpayers.  Because of that, the report has to say there were bad things afoot, Watson.  But don’t expect any heavy duty accusations.  Don’t expect Sherlock Holmes to expose a villain with incontrovertible evidence.
If my guess turns out to be correct, most Americans will shrug and go about their business.  But not those annoying leftwing zealots.  Nope, they will continue to allege, accuse and insinuate, keeping those CNN panel people very busy.
Yes, for sure, the National Emergency is not at the southern border or any other threatening situation.  The real emergency is getting rid of Trump using any and all means.
And that’s what we will see right up until Election Day, 2020.