The Mob Mentality
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 20, 2022
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The Mob Mentality

Be thankful you were not a pioneer in America. Life on the western frontier was brutal—few comforts, no law, and danger everywhere.

In the midst of that arose "frontier justice," where settlers dished out punishments to perceived miscreants without much deliberation. Steal a horse; you could be hanged by the neck until dead. Commit a violent crime; termination by the mob was common. In many places, the presumption of innocence did not exist.

Today, the mob mentality has returned to the United States driven by social media, where there are few protections. Anonymous "trolls" can assassinate individual characters, destroy businesses, and even threaten personal safety.

Few police agencies have the resources to investigate, and internet companies generally deny responsibility for injustice. The mob knows it can inflict grave damage to people with little risk.

Hello, Tombstone.

Freedom of Speech is now being used against the American people. Let's count the ways. Good people who might want to run for office are often dissuaded because they will likely be smeared and their families seared. Few candidates escape that.

Organizations funded by ideological fanatics like George Soros incite boycotts against businesses. It's easy on the net. Just put out an allegation and demand a company change something or fire someone.

Corporations often fold quickly, meaning few in the marketplace are safe. Attacks organized on the net can hurt profits, and the bosses know it. Better to give the mob what it wants.

Amid this madness, power has shifted. Anonymous character assassins on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media are on the march. Due process has been obliterated. Allegations become facts at light speed. Dark money allows dishonest political groups to threaten sponsors and anyone who might hold influence. If you don't do what the mob wants - it could very well come for you.

No one is safe. Every public person is one accusation away from ruin. Corrupt lawyers are lined up to exploit accusations, demanding big money "settlements." Blackmail, extortion, and defamation are now common occurrences against the social media backdrop.

This is our country and society today—millions of swords, no shields. If you fight back in civil court, the ordeal will last years and likely cost millions. The mob has all the weapons.

The result is massive injustice and a rapidly declining interchange of ideas. Most folks fear the mob and flee from it.

The bad guys are winning.