The Mob
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 8, 2021
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The Mob
“Cancel my subscription to the resurrection."
- The Doors

Most Americans are fed up with the woke mob.  I firmly believe that.  They understand the vicious premise of that crew.  The virtue-signaling, the arrogant superiority, the condemnation of anyone who refuses to bow to political correctness.

If you had to break down the mob’s philosophy to its essence it would be this: they think they are superior human beings, better than you and me.

In reality, the woke fanatics are totalitarians.  They want to hurt folks who hold opposing points of view. 

They support taking their jobs, humiliating them with unproven accusations (Bret Kavanaugh), even banishing human beings from society.

Recently, the woke mob in San Francisco tried to cancel Abraham Lincoln’s name from a school.  The backlash was tremendous so even in the shining city of woke, the totalitarians had to back down. But, believe me, they have not learned their lesson.

The truth is that anyone could be grievously harmed by the cancel culture movement.  We are all fallible and weak in certain areas.  And, if you are a traditional public person, the woke mob may very well come for you.

Here’s the proof.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt would be canceled today because of his relationship with Lucy Mercer.  America’s best general in World War II, George Patton, would be banished for his overall demeanor.

General Dwight Eisenhower might be court-martialed today over his relationship with Kay Summersby.  Don’t even ask about John F. Kennedy.

President Nixon was effectively canceled and deserved it.  Lyndon Johnson got away with his dastardly treatment of women.  In this environment, LBJ would be in solitary confinement on his Texas ranch.

Ronald Reagan would have been canceled over his hijinks in Hollywood before his political career.  The 'woke' came for President Bush the Elder over affair rumors.  Mr. Bush escaped but he wouldn’t today.

Like JFK, don’t even mention Bill Clinton.

The point is the woke mob takes no prisoners if you are a non-liberal and, now, even the Andrew Cuomo’s of the world are in the destruction zone.  I am certain the New York Governor is shocked by his demise.  He shouldn’t be - he earned it - and even his phony woke posture in the past couldn’t save him.

Like Cuomo, many of the loudest woke voices have quiet resumes that are appalling; especially in the media and in Hollywood.

Summing up: we are all living in troubled times. Totalitarians are running wild. Senator Joseph McCarthy has finally succeeded.
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