The People Smuggling Industry
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 21, 2018
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The People Smuggling Industry

It is quite apparent that the national press in America is no longer concerned with finding the truth about important matters.  Ideology and the crass pursuit of profits have pretty much destroyed honest journalism in this country. 

A vivid example is the chaos surrounding the southern border.  Millions of foreign born people have illegally crossed from Mexico and congress still cannot come up with policies that might stem that tide.  The truth about what is happening down there is horrifying but largely unreported. 

Smuggling human beings into the USA is now an enormous criminal enterprise that operates openly in Central America and Mexico.  The process begins with the “vaquetones,” usually young men who scour poor neighborhoods for desperate people who want to live in America.  The vaquetones (translation: the brazen) direct the migrants to the actual smugglers called coyotes, a term invented in the 19th century to describe Mexicans who provided laborers to the Southwestern United States. 

The modern coyotes, often associated with the Mexican drug gangs, are ultra-violent and in charge of setting the fees the migrants must pay.  Prices vary wildly and are negotiable but two thousand dollars a head is common.  The coyotes arrange transportation to the border and lodge the migrants in cheap hotels before the crossings.  The longer the trip, the higher the fee.  Coyotes also dispense advice like “if you bring a child, the gringos are more likely to let you stay if you get caught.” 

Mexican officials are bribed along the way as the migrant pipelines are well known to authorities.  Coyotes are often brutal to the defenseless migrants, especially the women.  Mexican police generally don’t care, so anything goes. 

Once at the U.S. border, the “cuidanderos” (caretakers) enter the picture, guiding migrants across and bringing them to safe houses, where they stay just a few hours before going on their way.  That is if they aren’t dead.  Last year the International group “Migration” reported 412 migrant deaths but, of course, the number was much higher.  Thousands of trekkers simply disappear. 

The humane policy would be to crush the people-smuggling industry by making it extremely difficult to illegally cross the border.  A well designed wall would go a long way in accomplishing that and so would mandatory e-verify for American employers with criminal penalties for those who refuse to comply. 

The Democratic Party strongly opposes the wall and criminal penalties for violating immigration law even in cases of violent criminal aliens.  Kate’s Law, which would mandate federal prison time for criminals who defy deportation, was killed by democrats under President Obama. 

The press will never report the incredible violence and corruption surrounding the people smuggling cartels.  For the far left, open borders should be the policy and anyone who opposes that is a bigot.  The media is sympathetic to that point-of-view. 

If Americans actually knew how awful the border situation really is, perhaps congress would move to protect we the people as well as the poor migrants themselves.  But the folks don’t know. 

Because the press will not tell them.

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