The Person of the Year
By: Bill O'ReillyDecember 13, 2018
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The Person of the Year
My person of the year is Senator Lindsey Graham who single-handedly exposed the enormous wrong-doing in the Brett Kavanaugh catastrophe.  Graham stood up for due process and in the process of doing that, he saved Kavanaugh and protected all Americans.  In this climate, any American can be accused of anything at anytime.  All we have is a presumption of innocence which was on the verge of being destroyed by political partisans.
Time Magazine also selected a person of the year.  The struggling magazine departed from tradition and opted for a number of people; journalists at risk.
The murdered columnist Jamal Khashoggi was cited, as were the five journalists murdered by a psycho in Maryland.  In fact worldwide, at least 52 journalists have been killed so far this year.
The theme of Time Magazine’s essay is that danger to journalists is increasing.  And that is true.  Putin in Russia, the Chinese Communists, and Islamic fanatics will kill journalists as a convenience.  So will the drug cartels in Mexico, African warlords, and the little rocket man in North Korea among others.
But there is another aspect to the Time selection that is heavily implied but not stated.  And that is the magazine’s opinion that President Trump enables danger to the press.
This is standard operating procedure for the left-leaning press of which Time is a charter member.  The irony of the media’s indignation toward the President is that the press fails to report the truth: yes, Mr. Trump has attacked “fake news.”  But he is absolutely correct that much of the reporting about him has been unfair and, at times, fabricated.  The use of anonymous sources is at an astonishing level, and much of the press coverage is driven by economics.
Of course Time and other anti-Trump media outlets will never admit the truth.
Here it is.  Newspapers now direct their reporting to a specific readership.  The editors at The New York Times, for example, know their careers depend on promoting liberal ideas and disparaging conservative opposition.  If a reporter were to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat in the Times newsroom - that person’s career would be over.
Same thing at The Washington Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS.  My question is when did the press become a monolithic institution?
So, congratulations to Senator Graham for the “No Spin Man of the Year” award.  I’m sure the rest of the press will applaud my choice even if it offends their corporate masters.