The Propaganda Machine
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 18, 2023
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You have to acknowledge the Democrat's propaganda machine. These people know what they're doing. Their public distortions are way more effective than what the Republicans put out.

You'll remember that the White House recently sent orders to the corporate media to reject any kind of "lies" concerning President Biden's alleged influence selling. The memo itself was an outrageous intrusion on news agencies, which should be able to report stories in a fact-based way.

But, of course, many media companies have absolutely no interest in doing that.

Let's take the Chicago Sun-Times, for example. This newspaper has cheerleaded the radicals who have made the poor districts of the city some of the most violent places on earth.

Now, the paper is condemning anyone who would like to see a legitimate investigation into the Hunter-Joe situation. The Sun-Times is calling all accusations against the President "unfounded."

Well, how would the leftist newspaper know that? Has it assigned investigative reporters to the case?

Of course not. The Sun-Times has zero interest in exposing any Democrat wrongdoing.

Same thing with the ultra-liberal Los Angeles Times. It ran an op-ed that essentially says leave Joe Biden alone because he's doing an excellent job.

Sure. Open borders, massive federal spending, debilitating inflation, falling real wages, equity over merit. You go, Joe!

People believe what they want to believe. And I want to believe the American media strives to be honest.

But I can't.

See you this evening for the No Spin News.