The Real Story of Donald Trump Meeting Republican Leaders Today
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 12, 2016
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In politics, what you see and hear is not always reality.

Spin dominates. That's why this program was created.  The ‘No Spin Zone’ cuts through all that.

Today, Donald Trump met with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan - the two men trying to find common ground on which to defeat Hillary Clinton for the presidency in November.

It is really impossible to say what both men are truly thinking, but they do have a common interest - and that is winning.

Simply put, if President Obama's economic policies are continued for four more years under President Hillary Clinton, the country may fracture.

A Wall Street Journal column today by Daniel Henninger nails it - America cannot prosper on two percent growth a year.  It's simply impossible.

And that's what we have gotten under President Obama no matter how the Democrats spin it.

The weak economic growth has caused deep anger among Americans in both parties, which is why Trump has won and Bernie Sanders is so competitive.

American workers understand their lives are not secure, wages are stagnant, job growth paltry.

If you've got three kids, a mortgage and want to live a basic life, you have to earn substantial money.

Again, two percent growth will not provide the upward mobility that workers need.

While there are a number of issues dividing Republicans and Democrats, the economy is the biggest.

Trump has a big advantage here because he is running as a successful businessperson who will apply his acumen to improving the economy.

Hillary Clinton pretty much says she'll do what President Obama has done.

The problem for Trump is that some Republicans do not trust him.

But now there is no other alternative.  It's either gamble with Trump or live under economic policies that put government regulation and high taxes over growth.

To be fair to Hillary Clinton, she could moderate once she's the official nominee.  But right now it's entitlements everywhere and big government expansion.

The classic tax-and-spend progressive platform.

Again, how has that worked over the past eight years?

So Talking Points fully expects the Republican Party to rally around Donald Trump.


Because there is no other option for them.

And that's the memo.