The Return of the National Football League
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 8, 2020
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Today I am thinking about the National Football League beginning its season this week and I hope the players and coaches have been doing deep knee bends for all the kneeling that will go on during the National Anthem.
As you may know, I am leading a movement called “Stand Up for Your Country” on because I am a bit dismayed by protests that disrespect the country in general. Targeting specific wrongdoing is fine, but don’t besmirch an essentially noble nation.
I am also confused by the pass given to the San Francisco 49ers. This summer the Washington Redskins had to drop Redskins because the name is now deemed racist by cancel culture fanatics even though a survey shows most Native-Americans do not object to the moniker.
I suggested that “Redskins” should be renamed “deep state” - as in the Washington Deep State must punt because their offense is terrible.
My name suggestion was ignored.
Anyway back to the 49ers. In 1849, thousands of white gold prospectors invaded Indian lands in Northern California. They brutalized the Native Americans, as I describe in my new book “Killing Crazy Horse.”
So what’s with the San Francisco football glorifying the 49ers? Are you insane out there? That name needs to be canceled immediately, and changed to the San Francisco Pelosi’s.  
And that means a new logo. How about a hair dryer.
Tonight on the No Spin News, I’ll tell you what really happened in the trumped up Trump-military controversy.
And Dennis Miller will make an appearance.
See you beginning at six eastern.

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