The Rise of Hatred in America
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 10, 2018
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The latest from Hillary Clinton is that America can’t have civility in politics until the Democratic Party takes back power in Congress.  Another interesting statement from a woman who has never understood her own country.

If Secretary Clinton really believes what she said that means she’s a member of the mob; she’s fine with zealots screaming at politicians in restaurants, with haters wishing opponents pain, with due process going down the drain.

Her opinion drives irrational behavior because it is irrational.  Civility is simply disciplining yourself not to cross a line into unacceptable behavior.

I remain amazed that Hillary Clinton retains a fan base at all.  While her husband was a skilled politician who did some good in public policy (ie: welfare reform), she meanders around doing what?  As Secretary of State, what did she accomplish?  As Senator from New York, how did she make lives better?  I listened to many of her campaign speeches.  The take away: “I’ll do what Barack did.”  


Didn’t play.

There is no leadership in the Democratic Party right now.  The far left is calling the shots and their hatred is on vivid display.  Hillary Clinton is a non-factor.  But she is certainly annoying.

Tonight we’ll report on the rise of hatred in America and how it affects us all.  We hope you watch the No Spin News, and please check out Killing the SS, which is doing very well.

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