The Rise of the Tribes
By: Bill O'ReillyDecember 18, 2022
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The Rise of the Tribes

In the run-up to the Civil War, Americans divided themselves into two tribes: the first, championed by Abraham Lincoln, swore fidelity to the Constitution, believing the federal government and Supreme Court had the ultimate say in how we, the people, were governed.

The second Tribe, led by General Robert E. Lee, rejected Lincoln. It said that the individual states should hold policy power. And if some states wanted to enslave human beings - they had a right to make that decision.

After Tribe number two was defeated, bitterness and prejudice lingered, but American authority was clear: Washington ran the show.

And so it was that our nation came together to defeat powerful enemies in World War I and II as well as unite against the murderous jihad. Not much dissent in those areas - we were one Tribe.

But now, in 2022, we are back to tribal division on a significant scale.

The midterm election in November went against almost all historical precedents. President Biden and the Democrats are presiding over a troubled economy, the collapse of US border security, and a vicious rise in violent crime that is harming urban Americans at a frightening clip.

Thus, the Dems should have been routed on election day. They were not. It was stunning.

After extensive historical analysis, here's my conclusion: the country is changing fast, spurred on by personal division. We are back to the 1850s; there are two Americas now.

The first, we'll call Tribe number one. These are traditional folks who generally follow the rules and believe America remains the land of opportunity. They purchase homes, invest in financial markets, and support robust education both in school and at home. They generally accept the pathway their parents followed. They buy into capitalism and the belief that the USA is essentially a generous, noble nation.

Tribe number two sees it dramatically differently. Driven by a "progressive" vision, they believe America is flawed and always has been. They want to overthrow the white, male-dominated power structure and replace it with a powerful central government that will redistribute income and dictates almost all policies from Washington.

The second Tribe largely rejects self-reliance and competition, preferring guaranteed outcomes dictated by liberal entitlements. Many members of this Tribe have little stake in the current system, believing it is rigged against minorities and the poor. In short, they have no chance to live in Beverly Hills, so why bother embracing an unfair playing field; tear it down.

Tribe two generally dismisses American tradition and wants a brave new world built on central government financial and lifestyle guarantees.

The truth is the progressive movement is growing faster than the traditional crew. And they will never vote Republican no matter how bad things get in the country.

Now, the reason for the rise in Tribe two is threefold. First, public education, including college, has moved dramatically left.

Second, the corporate media has bought into the "woke" movement, which progressives champion. Interestingly, most corporate executives are members of Tribe one but are too cowardly to go against the woke tide.

And third, the Trump phenomenon has alienated many independent voters who despise the former president. So, even though many of these folks don't understand they are empowering progressives, their votes directly lead to the second Tribe's success.

So that's the deal. A changing America. Doesn't mean Tribe two will prevail in the long run. But today, they have momentum.