The Smear Strategy
By: Bill O'ReillyDecember 1, 2019
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The Smear Strategy
My interview with President Trump last week made worldwide news.  Within an hour of a transcript being released, the government of Mexico was asking for an emergency meeting with Secretary of State Pompeo.  Mr. Trump had confirmed to me that he will designate the Mexican drug cartels as terror groups and that means the United States can attack them militarily.
The President’s statement that he did not know what Rudy Giuliani was doing in Ukraine also got big reaction because the former New York City mayor is being accused of interfering with U.S. foreign policy.  That’s part of the impeachment movement.
In addition, President Trump made it clear that he believes former Vice President Biden committed “corrupt” acts in Ukraine and that was part of the aid holdup to that country.
The success of the interview immediately brought out smear merchants like Media Matters to personally defame me.  I knew that would happen, because any prominent person who gives President Trump a fair hearing will be attacked.
The strategy is obvious: punish any reporter, commentator, or politician who does not denigrate the President.
This, of course, is vile and hateful.  And one of the reasons the President might win re-election.  The folks know smears when they see them and honest people recoil from the garbage.  The American press has badly damaged itself by treating Donald Trump so unfairly. You don’t have to endorse his presidency but you should report both the good and the bad - that is if you want to practice honest journalism.
My interview with Mr. Trump was old school: straight-forward questions designed to elicit important information.

So why would anyone attack me for doing a fair job?
The answer is simple: pure hatred.  The anti-Trump movement despises the President and wants to do him great harm.  And that loathing extends to anyone who does not participate in Mr. Trump’s destruction.  It is absolutely outrageous that so many in the communications industry condone this kind of thing.  Media Matters and all the other propagandists should be pariahs.
But they are not.  They are actually enabled by the corporate main stream media.  
Appalling.  It really is.