The Stalinists are Here
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 19, 2018
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The Stalinists are Here

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, recently showed an impressive bit of courage when a far left mob tried to intimidate him.  Demanding that Cook pull the National Rifle Association’s video channel from Apple’s streaming platform, the Stalinists warned Cook that bad things would happen if he did not comply.    

Cook rejected the censorship publicly, reportedly saying: “Democracy without discourse is not a democracy.”   

But the American Stalinist movement has no use for democracy and that is a growing danger to this country.  Using boycotts and threats, organizations like Media Matters and The Color of Change are attacking freedom of expression almost every day.  And the establishment media just stands there with their collective thumbs in their mouths.    

As long as the folks being harmed are conservative, there will be no outcry from the press.    

Recently, the dean of the CUNY law school in Manhattan, Mary Lu Bilek, told students that preventing a conservative professor from speaking is itself “free speech.” That’s insane and destructive.

Somewhere far below, Joseph Stalin is smiling.    

This mob mentality has gone far beyond political correctness.  In the past year, America has witnessed a frightening number of Stalinist-type attacks on free expression.  If you disagree with Black Lives Matter, for example, you are shut down as a bigot.  If you suggest due process to the Me Too Movement, you are a misogynist.  If you wear a sombrero as part of a Halloween costume at Yale, you are denigrating a minority group and therefore must be punished.    

In addition, the totalitarians believe that religious Americans including clergy have no right to opt out of funding abortions.  If you protest that your tax dollars are being used for fetus termination or birth control, you are a human rights violator, not worthy of being heard.    

The situation is so extreme that, in some places, ALL Caucasians are being branded as racists simply because of their skin color.  On more than a few college campuses, being white is considered a “micro-aggression” so “safe spaces” for minorities are demanded.

If you know your history, you are certainly aware that dictators like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Fidel Castro totally eliminated free expression in their countries.  Not only did their oppressive governments move to criminalize free speech, but individuals who objected became pariahs subject to brutalization.    

That kind of demonization is happening right now here in the home of the brave.  Just look at the scathing and well organized attacks on non-liberal media people.      

By the way, have any left wing concerns been boycotted?  Anyone on CNN or NBC subjected to organized smears and taunts?  Don’t think so.    

We are now at the point where fair-minded people need to rise up and punish the boycotters.  I will soon buy an Apple product and I don’t even care what it is.  I will also write down the sponsors of Laura Ingraham’s program and purchase their stuff as well.    

Finally, I will not buy from companies that pull ads because they are scared of the Stalinists.  Capitalism and free expression can defeat the totalitarians as the descendants of Joe Stalin found out.  

But we must take the fight to them.

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