The Sting
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 29, 2019
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The Sting
If you read my new book “The United States of Trump,” you will learn exactly why the President made the request for information on Joe Biden to the President of Ukraine.  Simply put, Mr. Trump believes that Mr. Biden as well as President Obama and Hillary Clinton got away with unethical, perhaps illegal, political activities in the “Russia Collusion” thing.
That belief has almost become an obsession for the President.  He is driven to expose the three who he is convinced caused him and the country grave harm.  Mr. Trump is determined to uncover the corruption he believes took place during the 2016 campaign and beyond.
Enter the “whistleblower,” an anonymous federal employee who has caused Donald Trump much harm.  Apparently, the still unnamed person gathered hearsay, hired three attorneys, then brought a damning and “urgent” accusation to a federal Inspector General who, intriguingly, states the informer may have a political bias.
That’s allowed in our political system but the situation is a “sting,” no question.  The whistleblower does not have to prove anything, just accuse. Think Christine Blasey Ford.
As soon as all hell broke loose, the Trump administration released a transcript of the Ukraine call, believing no wrongdoing occurred.  But there doesn’t have to be wrongdoing.  Just the allegation of “abuse of power,” is enough for the nation’s anti-Trump press to convict the President and demand he be removed from office.
The truth is Nancy Pelosi is hitching a ride on the impeachment train - she’s not the driver.  She knows the press will provide cover for the democrats and believes the impeachment process, even if it doesn’t result in removal, will damage Donald Trump in his re-election bid.
If President Trump ever stops reacting and starts thinking, he should tell the nation that his conversation with the president of Ukraine had to do with gathering facts about possible government corruption at the highest level.  Spell it out, Mr. President.  As America’s chief law enforcement agent, you have the sworn duty to expose nefarious activity in the federal system past and present.
Mr. Trump should absolutely explain why he wanted Ukraine’s help in the Russian matter.  It may be complicated but it’s necessary for the American people to hear.
The sting that has ignited an impeachment inquiry and damaged the president is absolutely NOT what it appears to be.  There was a legitimate and important reason why President Trump asked a foreign leader about Joe Biden.
The corrupt American press will never report that reason.  So Donald Trump must do it himself.  Again, I detail some of this in the book and new information about “corrupt bargains” continues to come forth.
Summing up: Mr. Trump should tell the folks what he knows and what he seeks from the Ukraine.
His entire presidency might depend on it.