The Strategy
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 12, 2020
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The Strategy
There is a wall of doom being erected in America.  The media is building it by sensationalizing coverage of the pandemic, instead of providing facts and honest context to people who desperately need it.
Here are some recent headlines found on the net.
  • - Economic Devastation Looms
  • - Record Bankruptcies Predicted
  • - Pandemic Will Cleve Nation in Two
  • - Broke Americans Consider Selling Blood
  • - Czech Nudists Told to Wear Face Masks
Only the last story was based on a factual occurrence.  The others used speculative opinion throughout the articles.
While it is certainly true that the press has always used flaming leads, this time there is a dark reason to do it.  The deadly virus spreads quickly and without warning.  That creates mass fear.  And fear creates opportunity.
There are Americans, including some media chieftains, who believe four more years of President Trump is actually worse for the country than the contagion.  So while the virus is amongst us, it should be used to damage the President as much as possible.
Therefore, doom is a much better context than hope.  Any positive development is scrutinized while negative occurrences are quickly gathered and spotlighted.  You cannot build a wall of doom upon a foundation of better times ahead.
The primary construction crew of the horror wall is the usual far-left apparatus that also sees a chance to damage the capitalist system. Thus, a spate of reports on how much Americans will suffer economically even after the virus abates.
We saw this when Bernie Sanders demanded the federal government pay every workers full salary throughout the pandemic. That, of course, would collapse the US dollar as the Treasury Department would have to print trillions in paper currency to meet the obligation.
But that’s what Sanders, George Soros, and elements at The New York Times, want - economic and societal chaos.  So a new “world order” can be built based on Marxist redistribution principles.
With that in play, let’s welcome in the Thunder Doom spectacle.  It is here for all to see.  And please note exactly who is putting bricks in that wall.
They are not looking out for you.