The Threat
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 13, 2021
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The Threat
The threat is gaining strength.  It is affecting every single American citizen.  It is vicious, hateful and obscure.  And the threat will diminish your freedom.

It doesn’t come from Donald Trump or Joe Biden.  Not from Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell.  The threat has nothing to do with Climate Change, Covid or China.

No, the forces who are punishing individual freedom are the powerful men and women who run the mass market information corporations.

Let me explain.

In order for Americans to make intelligent decisions about their society, leadership and personal security, they need honest information, above all.  Those who formed our country obviously knew this because they gave the press specific Constitutional freedoms and privileges.  But today honest reporting to enhance the knowledge of all citizens has largely disappeared.  The media has been corrupted by craven corporations who see the American people as too stupid to know what‘s noble, too bigoted to do the right thing.

Let me back that up.

Recently, I paid $3.15 a gallon to fill my car with gas.  Last year at this time, under President Trump, I paid $2.15.  Why the price hike?  Did Biden’s assault on fossil fuel have anything to do with it?  Would be fascinating to see a fact-based report.

Border authorities report close to 200,000 foreign nationals are crossing the into the USA each month.  So, why did President Biden dismantle Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policy that had almost stopped mass illegal immigration?  That might be important to know, right?

Inflation is growing at its fastest rate in 13 years.  Why, exactly?  NBC, ABC, CBS, helloooooo.

In the past five years approximately 3,000 African-Americans in Chicago have been murdered mostly by black criminals. Why? And why haven’t the democrats who control Chicago done anything about it? CNN?  Bueller? Anyone?

I could give you 50 important stories that the corporate media companies ignore simply because they are trying to protect liberal politicians and “woke” causes.

The news blackout is corrupt and a threat to us all.

Finally, one of the CEOs most responsible for the destruction of honest information flow is Bob Iger, who runs Disney and its media arm ABC.  We already know that ABC’s top entertainment programmer, in the name of inclusion, is rejecting great scripts if they are written by white people. We know this because she said so.   She could not have done that without Iger’s approval.

Anyway, last week we learned that Bob Iger sold $100 million dollars worth of Disney stock.  We know that because old Bob had to file the sale with the SEC.  But why did Iger sell? Could it be he wanted out before Biden and his minions raise the capital gains tax?

Looking forward to getting the truth on World News Tonight.

Please don’t discount the corporate threat.  It is very real.