The Trump Show Packs Up
By: Bill O'ReillyDecember 6, 2020
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The Trump Show Packs Up

Privately, President Trump knows he’ll be a regular citizen again shortly.  But he dislikes talking about it even with close family members.  Mr. Trump is still trying to resolve the fact that he received 74 million votes and lost!   He is angry and truly believes the vote in at least vital five states was illegally compromised.

When the President leaves the White House in January, a number of things are likely to happen.  Above all, the corrupt corporate media will continue to use him as cover. Every time Joe Biden makes a mistake or the country takes an economic hit, Trump will be blamed.  No matter what goes wrong over the next four years, President Joe will get a pass as he gleefully watches his predecessor continue to be demonized.

But a bit of vengeance will emerge that may comfort Donald Trump just a bit.   Because the press has abandoned it’s mandate of searching for the truth without ideology, many news consumers will abandon the news industry in response.

Ratings for all the television news programs will recede.  I mean what exactly will they cover?  Hating or loving Mr. Trump was the entire game for the past five years.  Now, it’s Joe Biden.  Talk about culture shock.

Maybe I’m missing it but there seems to be a lack of creativity on display.  The three network news operations pretty much cover the same thing, the same way.   Boring?  I believe so.

Cable news is simply dour.  When I was there we had a few laughs.  We did different things.  We had Miller and Goldberg and Watters running around annoying people.  On a slow news day, there was still energy. Today, watching many cable presentations is like algebra class.  Is it over yet?

Donald Trump used the media to get elected and may ultimately be responsible for destroying it.  How ironic.  It’s passive revenge.  Covid and Trump could depart the stage at about the same time.  Leaving what then?  What’s the media plan?

There is no plan.  Biden is dull.  Senator Mitch McConnell will be the most powerful person in the country.   Will Fox give him a show called “The Mitching Hour?”

No, they won’t.

And finally, there is only one thing that might stave off the disaster that TV news is facing. And that would be if one Donald Trump secures a commentary position, bringing a potential audience of 74 million with him.

Again, irony all over the place.  The man who destroyed the media - could be the only one who might be able to save it.