The Trump Vote
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 7, 2020
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The Trump Vote
More than 70 million American citizens voted for President Trump, the most in history. Except for Joe Biden.  He got four million more.  At least that’s what the “official” popular vote tally is at this point.  But some of those Biden votes may be bogus. However, hard evidence is needed to define that.  

Back to President Trump.  It is incredible that he received so many votes. That is a true statement.  It’s incredible.  Even if he loses, he can go down to Palm Beach knowing he got more votes than Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Warren Harding.

But why did Mr. Trump get so much validation?

Two reasons: first he succeeded in putting money in the pockets of working people. The Trump economy allowed more reward in the marketplace.  Can Joe Biden duplicate that?  

Second, millions of Americans despise the Trump-haters who are on display every hour on the hour.  It’s amazing but some anti-Trumpers are so vile, they have made the bombastic Trump look sympathetic.  We all know the hit list: phony Russian allegations, irresponsible impeachment, defamatory media, looters and arsonists, socialist politicians.

Let me be very clear:  the “get Trump” and destroy traditional America movements motivated the pro-Trump vote.

Now there is wreckage.  The entire election is suspect because some liberal places presented a massive amount of Biden votes AFTER election day.  Many believe the fix was in. The old saying goes like this: “perception is reality.”  The election of 2020 is tainted forever.

Also, the corporate media is finished. Companies like Disney, which owns ABC, allow commentators to smear any American who even voted for Trump.  Would Disney have allowed irresponsible broadcasters to attack Obama voters?  No.

Regular folks of all political views now understand the media is corrupt, generally speaking.  Older Americans have a basis of comparison because they watched Cronkite and Mike Wallace.  CNN?  Sure.  AT&T must be very proud.

So tens of millions supported President Trump largely because they are angry about how he was treated.  Yes, you can make an argument that he brought some of it on himself, but that hypothesis falls apart when the “Russian collusion” fiasco is evaluated. And the Hunter Biden blackout. And the unending chaos that the Washington establishment along with their media allies tried to impose on the Trump administration.

So more than 70 million voters essentially said “blank you” to the establishment.  That may not console the President or his supporters but it is a fact.  And anti-establishment anger is growing.  With every newly discovered mail-in ballot.