The Truth About Freedom
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 5, 2023
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The Truth About Freedom

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."
- Kris Kristofferson

Nope. Old Kris is wrong. Freedom is only acquired when you have options and when you are able to live mostly without interference or dependence on others. Many folks who think they are free are not.

The insidious progressive movement in America is far more of a threat to freedom than, say, China. It basically wants all Americans to be dependent on the federal government. Like Europe. Did you know that Americans, in general, have 25 percent more spending power than those living in Europe because of excessive taxation on that continent?

According to reporting by the former lieutenant governor of New York, Betsy McCaughey, the average American home is about 2,200 feet. In Britain, it's 818 feet - not counting where the monarchy hangs out.

Luckily we booted the Brits, right?

British subjects and their European peers have largely traded personal freedom for government-funded health care, education, and pensions, as they fork over most of their earnings to the taxman.

That's what the American left wants. You lose significant take-home pay through taxation, and the swamp rats in Washington will take care of you.

But they won't because they're rats.

Joe Biden is down with all of this and more. For example, he wants the government to provide lifetime guarantees to the have-nots. And they don't have to work to receive them. They can layabout, intoxicate themselves, and contribute nothing. Yet, government money taken from hard-working Americans will flow to them.

Of course, those who choose to do nothing are slaves to the government, with total dependence.

True freedom is the ability to live life without fear of harm or unfair treatment. That's first. Then you layer on the option to pursue happiness in your own way. It takes money to acquire nice things, travel, and invest for the future. But the progressives don't want individuals to have many options, including self-protection. They essentially demand that all Americans subjugate themselves to the government, which, of course, knows best.

If you have "nothing left to lose," you are not free. You are aimless. I hope Kris Kristofferson knows that. The more personal assets federal and state governments seize by law, the less we will be able to accomplish in our lives.

Americans do not want to be socialist Swedes, at least not in the past. But now we have a leftist president and media - and we are losing true freedom at an alarming rate.

Finally, I'll submit to you that most Americans don't even know it.

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