The U.S.A. Stands Down in the Face of Hostile Action
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 7, 2014
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The ISIS terror army is now fighting the Kurds in Iraq and Lebanese forces as it tries to establish a Muslim caliphate in the Middle East.

The offshoot of al Qaeda now controls much of Iraq and Syria, and is threatening Lebanon and Jordan as well.

According to the U.N. at least 2,000 refugees have fled these killers, who are murdering Christians and other folks they don't like in grisly ways.

Yet President Obama has not ordered the U.S. military to move against them.  The administration continues to study the situation, although today there were indications that some bombing is being considered.

The Obama administration well understands most Americans do not want any re-involvement in Iraq and are tired of sacrificing for foreign nations.

But that is foolish thinking.  You don't walk away from a dire threat; you confront it in a smart way.

The ISIS army could be downgraded by using American air power and drones without the U.S.A. getting involved with Iraqi politics -- which is a fool's errand.

That country must sort out its own problems, but the ISIS threat extends far beyond Baghdad.  And here is where the Obama administration is making a big mistake.

By hiding behind Iraq's chaos, the U.S.A. is allowing Islamic terrorism to gain enormous power.

JOSH EARNEST: “It’s important for everyone to understand -- and the President has made this clear -- that there are no American military solutions to the problems in Iraq.  We can’t solve these problems for them.”

But we can diminish the fighting ability of ISIS.  And we should because they will come after us eventually.

There is no question that America looks weak in the face of the jihadist threat and Putin's aggression.

The Russian tyrant is massing forces on the eastern border of Ukraine, continuing to saber-rattle despite economic sanctions.

Does President Obama have a plan ready to go in case Putin does invade that sovereign country?

If so, might it not deter Russia if the plan was made public?

It is completely understandable that many Americans do not want involvement in faraway places like Ukraine and the Middle East.  Most Americans will never go there and do not understand the world is now interconnected.

For example, if the Taliban defeats the Afghan forces that we armed and trained, yet another terror state will emerge.

And as we saw on 9/11, these fanatics are not just content with brutalizing their own people.  They want to kill us and other infidels all over the world.

Talking Points has said for years that American power is the last hope in defeating worldwide terrorism.

Who will do it if we don't?  Spain?

But President Obama seems comfortable staying on the sidelines with the rest of the world, allowing ISIS and Putin to disrupt civilization.

The longer we wait, the more painful the inevitable confrontation will be.

That's the memo.