The Victim Pandemic
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 18, 2021
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The Victim Pandemic
With the exception of Caucasian males, everybody can be a victim.  It’s easy.  Just summon up some unpleasantness in your life and assign blame.  Use the word “systemic” a lot in formulating your grievances.  Make sure you point out that you are expressing “your truth.”  And certainly mention that you are speaking “truth to power.”
It is true that real victims are amongst us. The child born into a chaotic home, perhaps abandoned or abused by bad parents.  Certainly that innocent person has been victimized.
If you are treated unfairly because of skin color or gender, you should be angry.  But you have two choices: live your life in the victimization zone.  Or say "blank you" and succeed despite the hardship.
If you have been bullied as a child or teen, that is victimization.  Again, you have a choice.  Fight back in a smart way, or fold and incorporate the ordeal into your persona.  “I’m a victim of systemic whatever.”
Being a devoted victim can be comforting because it gives you an excuse to fail.  Or not even try.  You need a “safe space.” You feel “marginalized” by the “patriarchy.”
Well, everyone gets hammered at some point.  And in today’s cupcake society the victim card is being dealt all the time.  But it’s a bottom of the deck draw.  You won’t accomplish much in life constantly whining about unfairness or bad breaks.

In order to achieve and succeed, you need to be strong and believe in yourself.  Not whimper about injustice.
Americans used to be a pretty tough bunch.  My parents survived the Great Depression and World War II.  They lived very modestly with no personal power but did not see themselves as victims.  They knew who the real victims were: the Americans who could not buy a house in Levittown because of their skin color.
That’s largely gone now because some brave folks fought hard for worthy change. They didn’t pout on the sidelines or disrespect the entire country. They mobilized in a strong, peaceful campaign that defeated some ingrained wrongs.
It appears to me that in our society today, victimization is spreading faster than Covid.  It’s almost unbearable on many college campuses and cable TV.  Every white person is racist, every straight man a woman-hater.  No non-white male has a fair shot.
Everything that goes wrong in a person’s life can be blamed on someone else. White supremacy did it.  Homophobia caused it.  Misogynistic traditions ruined my dreams.
Yeah, okay.  Life can be brutally unfair. Again two choices: go get that safe space. Or use your skills to step up and improve things without foolishly demonizing entire groups of people.  
Your call.