The Woke Disney Corporation
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 11, 2022
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Barbara Walters is a friend and before she became ill, she was deeply concerned about the show she created. That would be The View. What started as a gabfest designed for American women across the board, has descended into a far-left hate fest. Once she left the program, Ms. Walters lost control of its content.

Now, The View is having trouble finding a conservative pundit to sit next to the four liberal ladies. Former panelists on the program have openly stated that unless you toe a liberal line, you are not treated well both on and off the air.

No one is shocked.

What does surprise me is that the Disney Corporation allows the show to be so one-sided? Why do that? There should be one independent, two traditional, and two left-wingers. That would open the program to a bigger audience.

There is ample evidence that Disney does not do that because it is a "progressive" corporation that embraces "woke" values. That is until you get to the Disney theme parks. No diversity of audience there. Every family is charged shockingly high prices. No money, no Mickey.

Perhaps Joy Behar can start a fund to help poor kids go to Disney World. This would give Ms. Joy something to do besides hating on folks who don't agree with her.

The View from here is that she'll never do it. Disney certainly would not approve.

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