The Woke vs. The Awakened
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 31, 2021
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The Woke vs. The Awakened
So now the "tomahawk chop" that fans do at the Atlanta Braves stadium is racist.  Does Jane Fonda know?  While married to one-time Braves owner Ted Turner, the liberal icon was chopping all over the place.

Shame, shame, Jane!

Doesn't she understand doing a tomahawk motion in support of a baseball team demeans Native Americans? Especially when it's done by white fans who apparently are insensitive to what their ancestors did to the Indians.

Wait, can I say Indians?  Is "original settlers" better?"  I don't know.  Maybe the very woke Sports Illustrated magazine can tell me.  It ran the piece calling millions of fans racist for doing the chop.

Then there's the Melrose, Massachusetts school district which banished Halloween. Not sure why but something about minority kids being scared.  That seems to be a bit racist, doesn't it?  Only non-white children are frightened by the Eve of All Hallows?  Who knew?

How about those new US Passports with no gender listed.  Just an "X."  Why X, why not K?  I can't answer that question but I will say if you try to enter Saudi Arabia with a passport stating you're an X, you might be in line for a while.

I sense an awakening coming.  A backlash against the woke monsters who are devouring American culture one display at a time.  Woke is essentially a totalitarian movement perfected by that champion virtue-signaler Mao Zedong.  Beginning in 1949, the corpulent Mao completely wiped out traditional Chinese culture, replacing it with communist woke stuff.

And if you didn't accept Mao's version of woke-ism, he had you shot.  Power to the people!

Joe Biden is woke even though he is fond of naps.  Last week he appointed a "gender-equity" czarina.  Can I say czarina?  If not, I apologize.

The President likes diversity as well.  And really loves social justice along with environmental justice.  He wants to spend $550 million taxpayer dollars to ensure "justice" is served.  Mr. Biden says it's "an investment."  Got it!

The woke monsters are everywhere, reminding us what we can no longer say or do. They are often snooty zealots who might have tried out for Mao's "Red Guards" in '49.  They are on a mission to collapse independent thought and turn Americans into politically correct pod people.

But some folks are awakening to the threat here.  This woke madness has taken root and is largely supported by the corporate media.  Disney is perhaps the most woke company on the planet even as it charges $235 a ticket to visit its theme parks over Christmas vacation.  Not sure if that promotes diversity.

The truth is that we the people, collectively,  have more power than the corrupt media and we outnumber the woke monsters by a big margin.

So we have to mobilize to defeat this madness.  Let's peacefully confront those who are acting as thought police. Simply tell those people to knock it off in your presence.

And then do the tomahawk chop.