There's a New Fox Poll Out on the Race
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 26, 2016
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With just 13 days left until the nation votes for president, the FNC poll says this:

Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 44 to 41 -- a tighter race than the last FNC poll, which had it 45 - 39.  Johnson and Stein combined get ten percent.

What about the level of strong support?

Clinton 61%, Trump 68%.  That's a big plus for the Republican.

Blacks are supporting Clinton 82% to just five for Trump, a disaster if African-Americans turn out in big numbers -- especially in states like Pennsylvania, which Trump needs.

Whites are going for Trump 50% to 36 for Clinton, which is a good sign for Trump in places like Iowa and Nevada.

Women back Clinton over Trump 48 to 38. 

But it's the opposite with men; they support Trump 44 to 39 over Clinton.

So you can see it's a polarized country.

The Fox poll is somewhat surprising because it shows the race is much closer than some in the media believe.

Also, Hillary Clinton has not been campaigning all that much, so this might be a wakeup call.  Mitt Romney thought he had the race won four years ago and look what happened.

Trump's better showing is because more independent voters are breaking for him.

The Fox poll has it 41 for Trump, just 28 for Clinton.  She's down seven points with independents in two weeks, a significant fall.

Finally, the poll asked whether voters had a favorable opinion of the candidates.

Trump clocked in with 42 favorable, 56 unfavorable.

Clinton 45 % favorable, 53% unfavorable.

Talking Points will say it again: Whoever wins on November 8th will be the most unfavorable president-elect in history.

Two new state polls showed up today.  In Florida, Bloomberg has Trump up by 2, a statistical tie.

In New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton's lead has been cut by five points in the latest Monmouth poll.  She now leads Trump by four points in the Live Free or Die state.

But before all you Trump supporters get too happy, a new USA Today poll also out today has Clinton beating Trump by about ten points in a four-way race.

We checked the methodology on this poll and it is similar to the Fox poll, so there's some confusion afoot.

The Gannett Company, which owns USA Today, is generally anti-Trump but Talking Points does not believe the poll is skewed to favor Hillary Clinton.

What all this tells us is that Americans are not very happy with either candidate and that comes through with the trust numbers.

In the Fox survey, 67% of likely voters don't trust Clinton; 62% don't trust Trump.

The fact that Donald Trump is still competing hard and within striking distance if you believe the FNC poll is kind of amazing.

The man has been battered by the media, including some commentators here on Fox News.

Some of that is Trump's own fault, as his past behavior has hurt him and his penchant for airing personal grievances has cost him votes.

But Hillary Clinton simply cannot put him away, no matter what he does.

And that's because the country is in trouble and Secretary Clinton refuses to acknowledge it, even though the polling on disenchantment is clear: 2/3s of Americans are not happy with the direction of America.

In order to secure his support, Hillary Clinton has chosen to uphold the policies of President Obama.

That's tough territory with Obamacare tottering and economic growth at one percent.

Trump is also an amazing campaigner, pounding the pavement in the four states that he needs: Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

The guy never sleeps.

He just Tweets.

Talking Points believes that Hillary Clinton is leading in the race and has a big advantage in the Electoral College.

But Trump has regained some momentum, as voters start to seriously consider things like blatant media bias, a botched FBI investigation on the email front, and a swamp in Washington that definitely needs to be drained.

So the election is not a slam-dunk and Mrs. Clinton should understand that.

Her support can erode fast if more WikiLeaks stuff comes out.

As for Trump, nobody on this planet can predict what he will say or do.

But one thing is certain -- if he goes down, he's going down fighting.

And that's the memo.

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