Things Are Different Now
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 26, 2022
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Back in the 1960s, when the Mamas and the Papa's were "California Dreamin'," things were different out here. The state was considered by many to be safe and warm. Ronald Reagan was the political power; Johnny Carson provided late-night laughs from Burbank.

Obviously, things are different now.

First off, most working people have little money. Titanic housing costs and taxes take most of it. The mandatory $5 dollar cups of coffee from places like "The Bean Counter" siphon off pocket cash. Don't even ask about gas prices.

So, California mellow has morphed into passive-aggressive displays. You see it everywhere. The folks understand their fate: you will survive but not prosper.

That creates seething resentment and rabid entitlement. You owe me. I'm virtuous. Don't fight the feeling.

For example, bicycle nazis are everywhere, and they're not hugging the sides of streets. They own the streets. No pullover strategy at all. They are disciples of climate change and you, driving your Tahoe, are evil.

I call them "The Third Bike."

Historical reference.

Lots of dogs out here. And they sit in cafes preening. Lots of tattoos too. Nice writing, O'Reilly.

Nevertheless, nature is stunning even though there's no water. They give you a thimble in restaurants because H2O is running out and desperation is setting in.

You can't make coffee without water.

On balance, the nation's largest state is well worth a visit. You'll see vividly how insane politics has just about obliterated paradise.

The surf's still up on occasion. But the tide is definitely going out.

Will check in again tomorrow. Get dad "Killing the Killers." Nothing mellow about it.


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