This Column Will Offend You
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 17, 2023
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This Column Will Offend You

Paraphrasing Bobby Kennedy, a very effective public servant, all Americans should defend "the right to say it."

Kennedy was a big free-speech guy, and CNN host Don Lemon needs his spirit very badly. Lemon made the preposterous statement that women cannot be "in their prime" after leaving their 30s. Now, he's in big trouble. CNN has forced him to apologize, and the letter "S" has been branded on him: sexist.

But Mr. Lemon is no stranger to fallacious opinions, nor is CNN. Among other things, they were town criers for the false "Russian Collusion" allegations, personally denigrated Sarah Palin when she ran for Vice President, and attempted to justify the violent riots after the murder of George Floyd.

The truth is that all of us occasionally offer dopey opinions. So, let's cancel everyone!

This week President Biden called the black Governor of Maryland "boy." Mr. Biden meant no harm; he simply doesn't know what he's saying much of the time.

However, if a Republican had done that, the person would have been branded a racist, and the cancel assassins would have moved quickly. But few in the media even mentioned Biden. Selected outrage. Blatant hypocrisy.

The United States no longer has free speech. You will be punished if you say something "offensive." Don Lemon may lose his job.

What should have happened on the CNN morning show is that after Lemon delivered his foolish analysis, cohosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlin Collins should have mocked him, putting forth how ridiculous his statement was. That's how you confront absurd opinions.

Running to management complaining about being "triggered" or "not safe" is just as dumb as Lemon's point of view.

Grow up. People say stupid stuff all the time. Did you ever watch MSNBC?

This story is important because it demonstrates just how powerful the "woke" trend really is. If a liberal guy like Lemon can be on the eve of destruction for dumb talking, critical mass has been reached.

Yes, irresponsible and hateful speech must be scrutinized. But the bar should be high. Under the banner of free speech, the Constitution guarantees the right to be a moron.

And from time to time, most of us have exercised that right.

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