Threats Against Senator Collins of Maine
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 12, 2018
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The threats against Senator Susan Collins of Maine should outrage every American. Two far left groups in Maine, one heavily funded by George Soros, have publicly stated they will donate more than a million dollars to Collins’ next opponent if she votes to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Already, a far left political action group out of San Francisco has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to attack Ms. Collins. In addition, the Senator’s staff says it is receiving daily “vulgar” calls.

This is disgusting but logical. The extremists on the left are running wild, unchecked by a largely sympathetic media that won’t even cover a story like this. Threats, extortion, defamation, and paying for slander are now part of the political landscape. And little is being done about it because if you expose the corruption, you could be the next target.

The election of Donald Trump blew up any semblance of fair play in politics. Now, every dirty tactic is justified as “resistance.”

Tonight on the No Spin News, we’ll analyze this further, and also talk with Judge Ken Starr about the Robert Mueller investigation. Another must see newscast beginning at 7 eastern. Please spread the word.

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