Tina Turner
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 25, 2023
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Tina Turner has passed; she was 83. Tremendous rock performer - one of the best I've ever seen.

Ms. Turner had a rough time of it in her younger days. A child of poverty, she married the violent Ike Turner, who made her life hell.

But Ms. Turner eventually succeeded in life despite the bad circumstances for one simple reason: she did not surrender to adversity. She kept going in her pursuit of happiness.

That's a dying strategy in America today. We live in a country full of grievance and excuse-making. Intoxication is encouraged. Blaming others for everything is standard. Personal responsibility is rarely championed.

Younger Americans would do well to study Tina Turner's life and emulate her courage. Feeling the need to change her environment, she left the pressure-packed USA and moved to the far more tranquil country of Switzerland. She analyzed her situation and concluded she had to try something new.

All of us have the freedom to reject bad things and improve our lives. The difficulty is figuring out what to do and then having the courage to take a different path.

Tina Turner did figure it out. I admire her.
May she rest in peace.

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