Toil and Trouble
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 13, 2021
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Toil and Trouble
Hopefully, the witch’s spell that has been cast on Washington, D.C. will now be lifted as President Trump avoids an impeachment conviction again.  Shakespeare would have loved all this in the context of his play MacBeth and its “Song of the Witches.”
       Double, double toil and trouble;
       Fire burn and caldron bubble.
       Cool it with a baboon’s blood,
       Then the charm is firm and good.
But there is no charm in America as the country continues to destroy its credibility and sensibility of fairness.  Few media and politicians care about objective truth anymore.  Now, more than ever before, it’s all about power and money.
Regarding the aftermath of the election, here is a truthful assessment: President Trump lost all perspective and acted irresponsibly in challenging the outcome.  Instead of listening to people feeding his ego with unverifiable theories, he should have called for a federal forensic-based investigation of suspect voting precincts.  When an incumbent president receives more than 74 million votes and loses, that is certainly a reasonable request.
But a thorough probe never materialized. Instead, both parties fed their supporters emotional propaganda as the courts walked away from intruding on the tabulated results, no matter how unlikely they seemed.
As his frustration grew, Donald Trump encouraged Americans to reject the tabulations and millions did.  The President believed that some magic might occur and proof of fraud could surface.  It never happened.
Then, in a last ditch attempt to prevent Joe Biden from assuming office, Mr. Trump participated in the January 6 D.C. protest. That resulted in a national disaster as political violence shocked the country.  But was Donald Trump directly responsible?
Michael van der Veen, a lawyer who defended Trump in the Senate trial, presented a strong argument: “At no point in their presentation did you hear House managers play a single example of Mr. Trump urging anyone to engage in violence of any kind.  
“He engaged in no language of incitement whatsoever...”
Now, that doesn’t mean Donald Trump did not want a massive protest on his behalf, he did.  But Trump is a smart man who had to understand that violence at the Capitol could not possibly do him any good.
After the impeachment acquittal, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said Mr. Trump acted in a “reckless” manner, which is a defensible opinion.  But the charge was “inciting violence against the government of the United States.”
Very simply, evidence to convict on that is not there.
If being reckless is the standard, Vice President Harris could surely be impeached for urging Americans to bail out violent rioters last summer.  Or am I wrong?
History should record two things.  First, that President Trump hurt his country by embracing destructive after-election tactics.
Secondly, that the Democratic Party, actively aided by a corrupt corporate media, persecuted Donald Trump in an unfair and unprecedented manner throughout his entire tenure in office and beyond.
And that’s the truth.  No witch's spell is needed to tell it.