Too Cool for School
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 23, 2021
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Too Cool for School

Like millions of American parents, I am paying major dollars to send the urchins to college.  My daughter graduated last week and did very well.  I’m happy and proud because she is now prepared to venture forth and do some good in this world.

It goes without saying that many college students are under severe pressure to conform to the “woke” culture being imposed on them by misguided teachers and administrators.  In some schools it’s like a cult.  The oppression is almost beyond belief.

Penn State University was established in 1855 to give working class kids a shot at moving on up economically.  In fact, it’s initial name was “The Farmer’s High School.“  For more than a 165 years, Penn State was a sane place.  Now it is not.

The craziness I am about to chronicle is happening at colleges all over the country. But Penn State, in particular, did not used to be dominated by cowardly, pinheaded faculty.  Now it is.

The faculty senate at the school recently approved a “Preferred Name and Gender Identity Policy.”  As part of that, the “non-binary pronouns “they/them” will replace “he/him” and “she/her.”  Also, the words “freshman” and “sophomore” are out.  Now it’s “first-year” and “second-year.”

Well, this is stupid.  If any student is offended by the terms freshman or sophomore, he or she (I’m rebelling here) should immediately be deposited in daycare and given a blanket.

The faculty senate explains it’s resolution by stating that common university descriptions “carry a strong male-centric, binary character.”  Wow.  Who knew?  The Penn State faculty also claims terms such as “upperclassman” carry racist AND sexist connotations.  A horrid double dip!

Summing up, the faculty fabulists write: “this resolution will close the loop and ensure that all people are not only able to choose their name and gender identity within our systems, but that these systems are also structured to be inclusive from the start.”

Pass the nobility!  This is GREAT, to quote Flounder in the movie “Animal House.”

So my question is simple: what if some students want to embrace proper grammar and identify by their birth gender?  That would be he or she, right? Is that permissible Penn State Faculty Senate?  Are traditional kids part of the “inclusive” deal?

Or will you intolerant fascists make their lives miserable by branding them with a pejorative label?  Or even shading their grades southward?

I think I know the answer to my question.

Somewhere a Nittany Lion is weeping.