True Social Justice is Fairness
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 9, 2020
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Hope you saw last night’s No Spin News where I discussed the “shared experience” divide between black and white Americans. The phonies can virtue signal 24/7 but that means nothing. It is honest problem solving that will lessen racial tensions.
Problem solving does not involve tearing the country apart while invoking a nebulous cliche like “social justice.” For some, especially the immature on college campuses, social justice means agreeing with whatever politically correct view is being peddled that week.
True social justice is fairness. The use of power in order to treat everyone equally in the public arena. That means creating all access opportunities.  It does not mean overlooking destructive behavior or a guarantee of life success. You have to work for that.
Tonight we’ll continue our coverage of America in turbulence, coverage that may be the most honest in the country.
See you for the No Spin News beginning at six eastern.