Trump Fatigue Sweeping the Nation
By: Bill O'ReillyMarch 15, 2018
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There is Trump fatigue sweeping the nation.  Americans are getting to the point where the President’s daily journey through life is so exploited by the media, that it’s numbing.  Supporters of Mr. Trump are growing tired of the attacks on him, even his critics are exhausted by the constant media scrutiny which mostly leads no where ie: the Russian-collusion thing.

60 Minutes will soon broadcast an interview with a woman who is trying to make money saying she had an affair with Trump long before he entered politics.  Why is 60 Minutes doing that?

Everybody knows Donald Trump led a flamboyant life as a New York City businessman.  Voters knew about his affair with Marla Maples and still pulled the lever for him.  Why is CBS News enriching a questionable person and her lawyers?  

There comes a point when a situation gets so out of control it becomes tedious.  We get it; the media wants Trump out of office.  So does Hollywood, the Democrats, the socialists and on and on.

Ratings for CNN and Fox News have fallen substantially.  A few hate-Trump programs on MSNBC have added viewers but they will soon leave because the shows are boring.  

Most of us have had enough.

Tonight on the No Spin News, I will analyze Trump fatigue and what is likely to happen next.  Also, we will introduce you to a new organization called Angel Families - Americans who have lost loved ones due to the actions of violent illegal aliens.

We hope you will check us out beginning at 7 eastern time.
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