Trump: I Dream of Biden in 2020; New DHS Spending Bill Funds Border Wall
By: StaffJuly 19, 2018
Here is the Daily Briefing for Thursday, July 19, where we round up the day's biggest headlines for your perusal. Take a look.


Trump: I Dream of Biden in 2020

President Trump said Thursday that he relishes the prospect of running against former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. “I dream about Joe Biden,” Trump told CBS Evening News. “Joe Biden ran three times. He never got more than 1 percent, and President Obama took him out of the garbage heap, and everybody was shocked that he did.” Biden has remained active on the political front, stumping with congressional candidates across the country and keeping open the possibility of running for the Democratic presidential nomination. The 75-year-old recently set a timetable for making a decision. “I know I have to make up my mind, and I have to do it by January,” Biden said. Polls have shown Biden as an early front-runner in what is expected to be a big field of 2020 Democratic presidential contenders and likely to include Sens. Bernard Sanders of Vermont, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, as well as Sens. Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California.


New DHS Spending Bill Funds Border Wall

A House spending bill would provide $5 billion next year for building President Donald Trump's proposed border wall with Mexico. That's well above the $1.6 billion the Senate version of the measure provides, suggesting that a budget battle lies ahead. Trump's budget requested $1.6 billion for 2019 for the wall. Democrats have enough votes in the GOP-run Senate to block any spending they oppose. Without naming a figure, Trump said in April that he would "have no choice" but to force a government shutdown this fall if he doesn't get the border security money he wants.


House Democrats Vote on Resolution Supporting ICE

Most House Democrats voted “present” Tuesday on a resolution aimed at forcing them to clarify whether they support U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after some Democrats have criticized the agency's role in enforcing U.S. immigration laws. The House passed a nonbinding resolution saying lawmakers support the "officers and personnel who carry out the important mission of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement." A two-thirds majority was needed to pass it, and because Democrats voted "present" instead of "no," it passed easily in a 244-35 vote. The final vote saw just 18 Democrats vote for the resolution, and 34 Democrats vote against it. But the vast majority of Democrats, 133, voted "present."


California Supreme Court Won’t Allow Vote on Splitting Up State

A measure that would divide California into three parts won’t appear on the November ballot, the state Supreme Court decided Wednesday, marking the latest defeat for a long-shot push to reimagine the nation’s most populous state. The justices ordered the secretary of state not to put the ballot initiative before voters, saying significant questions have been raised about its validity. “We conclude that the potential harm in permitting the measure to remain on the ballot outweighs the potential harm in delaying the proposition to a future election,” the justices wrote in a unanimous ruling.


NFL Player Jurrell Casey: I’m Going to Take My Fine

Despite a recently-imposed NFL rule regarding players and personnel behavior during the national anthem, one Tennessee Titans player reportedly says he’ll “take a fine this year” and continue to “protest during the flag.” NFL defensive end Jurrell Casey intends to keep holding up his fist in protest following the conclusion of the Star Spangled Banner, like he did during the 2017 season, regardless of the fines that may come his way, he told CNN Sport while attending an event in London on Wednesday. “I'm going to take my fine,” Casey told the outlet. “It is what it is, I ain't going to let them stop me from doing what I want to do. If they want to have these battles between players and organizations, this is the way it's going to be.”


Trump Calls for Turkey to Release U.S. Pastor

President Donald Trump said Turkey’s failure to release an American pastor from prison was a “total disgrace” and called on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to intervene. A Turkish court on Wednesday refused to release the evangelical pastor, Andrew Brunson, with prosecutors claiming that he had had ties with separatist Kurdish militants. Brunson, who has been imprisoned since the failed coup attempt in July 2016, has denied charges of espionage and aiding Kurdish and Islamic terror groups. “He has been held hostage far too long,” Trump wrote in a tweet on Wednesday night. Erdogan “should do something to free this wonderful Christian husband & father,” Trump continued. “He has done nothing wrong, and his family needs him!”


Dennis Rodman Wants to Bring Kanye West With Him to North Korea

Dennis Rodman is inviting Kanye West with him on his next trip to North Korea and it turns out, the NBA legend has big plans to bring his fans with him too. Rodman said, “my agent called me and said, ‘Dennis, Kanye West gave you a good shoutout’ I said, ‘OK, great. I think he’s a big Chicago Bulls fan. I think that he respects me as far as understanding my views. And Kanye, he’s doing amazing work around the world so I respect him too. So hopefully one day we’ll get together and collaborate on certain things. Guess what, I’ll take Kanye West to North Korea with me.” Rodman continued: “Matter of fact, I’m going to invite him next time I go to North Korea. If the door’s open in September, I will invite Kanye West with me to go to North Korea with me.


Michelle Obama Launches Voter Registration Initiative

Michelle Obama is jumping into the 2018 campaigns with a voter registration initiative that will be strictly nonpartisan — exciting and frustrating top Democrats who’d like the popular former first lady to actively campaign for candidates. The initiative, scheduled to be launched Thursday, is the result of months of quiet conversations and planning full of false starts and uncertainty about whether to go forward. It will have the former first lady appear in public service announcements and at live events throughout the country into the fall, according to multiple people informed of the plans. She’ll be joined by several A-list celebrities, including actor Tom Hanks, country stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Houston Rockets star Chris Paul, singer Janelle Monae and “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.


Alec Baldwin Chased by Waitress with Check After Dining at Hollywood Restaurant

Actor Alec Baldwin was seen exiting Hollywood hotspot Craig’s alone in a casual black shirt and pants before being followed out by a waitress who appeared to be carrying his receipt and credit card. As seen in photos, the 60-year-old actor had already gotten into his car when the waitress confronted him with his card and unsigned bill. Baldwin hurriedly signed the receipt before being whisked off by his driver, and also before anyone pressed him to answer questions.


Chance the Rapper Purchases Local News Site

Chance the Rapper has purchased the local news, food and culture website Chicagoist, announcing the news in his new song "I Might Need Security." Hip-hop stars boasting idly about buying things in their songs is as old as the genre itself, but the rapper really did buy the Chicagoist according to a report in sister site the Gothamist. Chance's Social Media LLC purchased the site from WYNC, the public radio station that was part of the consortium that purchased the -ist network of sites following bankruptcy in February. As well as the Chicagoist and Gothamist, the network includes LAist and DCist


Dog with Terminal Cancer Gets Free Cheeseburgers for Life to Help Take Medication

A dog and his family will get to spend the rest of his life with a little extra dose of kindness, thanks to a Toledo, Ohio, Burger King. The restaurant offered to give him free cheeseburgers for life to help with his medication after hearing his story. Cody, a beloved 10-year-old dog, was diagnosed with terminal cancer about two months ago, according to his owner. Since then, Alex Karcher says every day the family has gone by a Burger King to buy Cody a plain cheeseburger to make taking all of his medication a little easier and more enjoyable. In a message posted to Twitter, Karcher says when they stopped by the Burger King on Sunday, an employee asked them about buying a plain cheeseburger. When she heard the story, she asked them to wait, and then went to talk to a manager. Then she told the family that the rest of the cheeseburgers they buy for Cody would be free at that restaurant.



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