Trump: 'I think I get better press from CNN than I do Fox!'
By: BOR StaffDecember 16, 2015
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Donald Trump opined on whether he is receiving fair media coverage from a rally in Mesa, Arizona. "I thought the debate was good," he said, "but I thought what CNN was doing was unfair. Every question was, 'Donald Trump said this and Donald Trump said that.' If you watched the early debate, it was unfair where so many questions were about me." Trump specifically groused about how he is treated by the folks at Fox News. "I think I get better coverage from CNN than Fox, and when people say untrue things I don't like it." The Factor reminded Trump that he has to get used to criticism from the media and his rivals: "You want power and it's our job to vet you the best way we can. You are too thin-skinned!" 

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