Trump's CNN Lawsuit
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 4, 2022
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Donald Trump is suing CNN for a gazillion dollars.  Defamation.  The network certainly defamed him, but Mr. Trump will not prevail because he'll have to show direct damages.

In England, the former president might win because the bar is much lower.  But in the USA, with the press constitutionally protected, no way.

So why is Mr. Trump doing this?  Have to guess, and I don't like doing that, but the lawsuit will fire up the MAGA base and reinforce Trump's status as an "avenger."

Also, another hate Trump book is out this week, and the best defense is a good offense.  Attacking CNN might drain some attention away from the book written by Maggie Haberman.

Incredibly, Ms. Haberman was granted three interviews by Donald Trump despite pounding him for years.  It's the celebrity thing that I write about in "Killing the Legends."  Donald Trump likes attention even if it hurts him.

The winners here are the lawyers.  As they usually are.

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