Trump's Taxes; Bogus Polls; Gov. Mike Huckabee on 2020 Race
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 4, 2019
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Hey Premium Members, welcome to the No Spin News for Monday, November 4th, 2019. Fight for Your Freedom. Vote tomorrow. Tomorrow is Election Day. I'm going to vote. Not much going on here on Long Island, but, you know, I am an American. I will go in there there. That's what you do. It's all local stuff. You know, vote.  

All right. Quickly, an appeals court rules Donald Trump must give taxes, tax returns to a Manhattan grand jury. Three judge panel, Second Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously rule president is not immune from state prosecutors investigative steps. It's totally bogus. President Trump's going to appeal the Supreme Court. He'll have a better hearing there. Everybody knows what New York State is trying to do. They're trying to fish for anything to get Donald Trump. That's what it is and the judges should know that. I didn't see the brief, but I don't believe the Supreme Court is going to uphold the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. All right. So that's on the record. I covered it. 

Now there is a whole bunch of stuff coming out from the transcripts of the closed door impeachment hearings. I am not covering it. I'm sorry, but it's not worth your time for me to look at this stuff, because it's selective. It's people who hate Trump. There's no cross-examination on it. Let the left wing sites go crazy. If you want it, I'm sure CNN MSNBC will do it all night long. Fox? I don't know what they'll do. It's kind of confusing over there these days, but I'm not gonna waste your time. If I thought it was important. I tell you about it. It's not. 

OK, there's a bunch of polls out. I'm going to look at two of them. Fox News poll. Now, remember a couple of weeks ago we had problems with a Fox News poll. We told you what those problems were and now the Fox News poll asks, should the president be impeached and removed from office? This is before any trial or anything. So impeached and removed, 49%. Not impeach, 41%. Impeach, but not remove, 4%. Again. 49% get rid of him. 41% don't get rid of him. 4% you can impeach him, but we don't want him removed. So it's really 49 45. 


OK. Now, if you look at the poll and who they asked, Democrats, 49. Republicans, 41, independents, 11. So that's an eight point spread. That's not fair. Now, they justify by saying, well there is more registered Democrats in the country than registered Republicans, but you're not asking about a party, you're asking about a question. Should a president be removed? So, if you know that the Democratic Party is heavily invested in that and Republican Party isn't, then you have it even to see if there's any defections on either side. The 11 percent independent, this is a game. They know, the pollsters know whether the independent leans left or right because they ask him. So they could stack it all left leaning independents if they want. You'd never know. I would never know, because all I have to put down is independents. 


So this is what they call push pull. All right. They wanted this. Why Fox News would want it? I don't know. I don't work there. Haven't worked there for almost three years. I don't know what's going on there. OK, I don't watch it very much. A few people I watch, but not many. All right. That's just my choice, but the poll is, just throw it away. 


Second poll, NBC, Wall Street Journal. Same thing. They asked, do you think Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office? 49%, same number. OK. Not impeach, 46%. Five points higher. So 49 / 46 dead heat, but you look at it at The Wall Street Journal, NBC Democrats 43, Republicans 35. It's an eight point spread for the Democrats, 14 percent independents. Again, you don't know who those people are. You can't assume it's 50 / 50 conservative to liberal independents, you can't assume that. So it's an eight point spread, just as it was in the Fox. This is garbage and the danger here is that news reportage doesn't give you the methodology ever. They just give you the results, so that the casual news observer, not you guys who subscribe to a news service so you can get the truth, you actually pay money to get the truth. Those people are like, oh... 49 percent want him out. But it's not true. I don't, but I think it's 60 / 40 not to remove the sitting president. 


That's my gut and I mean, this just angers me. It angers me, because I'm in the truth business and these people are not. I don't care for The Wall Street Journal, Wall Street Journal editorial page is an honest page. All right. The people they hire to write the op-eds, their editorial posture, it's honest. Hard news pages in that newspaper? No, and the same corporation owns the Wall Street Journal that owns Fox News. 


All right, the rising of hate, you know, we've really seen since Donald Trump has taken office, the hate just jump off the chart. It's getting worse. It's getting worse because now democrats and I did a Newsmax interview today, we talked about this, they're getting worried that if they don't get Trump out of there, and they won't, unless new stuff comes forth, they're going to lose, Trump will be reelected. They get really worried. So the hate is rising on the left. 


So Sirius XM does an interview with a guy named David Cay Johnston, very, very left wing guy. All right. I think at one point he said he was a socialist. I could be wrong about that, but this guy is off the chart left. He wrote a book about Donald Trump. So now they say he's a Trump biographer, like, you know, those... official capacity. That's not true. he wrote a book on Trump. He hates Trump. He's always hated Trump. So listen, and I'm only running this soundbite so you get the level of hatred that is out there in the media. Go. 


"Even if Trump is convicted and removed and we get briefly, Mike Pence as president, that's not enough. Trump will spend the rest of his life traveling the country, fomenting violence. He's already fomenting violence. He's asked crowds as a candidate to beat people up. He has... So it is, I think, vital that not only do we get enough senators to remove him, and I think if you're Mitch McConnell, you don't want 67 votes. If you're going to remove him, you want 90 to 100 Senate votes. But we... he needs to be prosecuted for the many, many, many crimes he comitted.". 




"And put in jail.". 


OK. You know, loons are loons, but he's fomenting violence? He asked the crowd to beat people up? You know, that's just not true, but it doesn't matter, really. But I want to give you, and that's going on all over the place. 


Beto O'Rourke is out. Isn't that a shame? Beto O'Rourke, in the polls, is polling at one point seven percent. Now, I remember a few weeks ago that O'Rourke said there was a woman in Las Vegas living in her car with her daughter, special needs, working for jobs. I said, that's not true, and he said that in the debate, I said, it's impossible. It turned out I was absolutely right and Beto O'Rourke lied. So the woman had worked one day cleaning a house and another day she worked delivering something, but she didn't have four jobs, as jobs are defined. It was, the woman was in trouble and I offered, and this is interesting, I offered to help this woman through my charitable foundation. I haven't heard from anybody. They all know because Beto O'Rourke tweeted out some smear against me. I don't even know what it was, but he's such an idiot. So he's out. This ties right into the hatred, Beto O'Rourke is a hater. He's not a politician and he's ruined his political career, because if only one point seven of the crazy left is supporting him, he's done, he's got nobody. 


Let me just run it down. So Rourke said, hell yes, we're gonna take your AR-15s. So he's going to violate the Second Amendment, come into your house and take your weapons, Beto O'Rourke. Second one, strip tax exempt status for religious institutions who oppose same sex marriage. So if you are a Roman Catholic, no more tax exempt for the churches because the theology says marriage is between a man and woman. In Beto O'Rourke's fascist country, you punish the Catholic Church and other evangelical churches and other religions, Islam, that oppose same sex marriage. You punish them all. Beto O'Rourke claimed the president inspired the El Paso gunman, who killed all those people down in Texas. Total Iie. Brett Kavanaugh, O'Rourke hung him, no evidence, just hung him. All right. Late term abortion, all day long for Beto. Open borders? All day long for Beto. Bye. See you. Probably the worst politician I have ever seen run for president. That's saying a lot. 


Kamala Harris is just about out. All right. Harris is polling at, what, between 2 and 4 percent? Let me get the exact number here, I want to be very precise. Harris, 3.9% she's pulling at. Alright? She's laying off people in New Hampshire, not a good sign first primary. She is concentrating on Iowa, who is never gonna beat Warren and Sanders in Iowa. Iowa is crazy left in a caucus. All right, they are never gonna go for Harris, but she's, quote, "all in" on Iowa. See, just the phrase, all in, Senator, I mean, that means you're out. If you can't articulate a little better than that, you have to fall back on cliches. So say goodbye to Kamala Harris. She'll get into the debate in November and that will be the end to her. The others will fall by the wayside, Castro, Steyer, Booker, Tulsi, Klobachar. Klobachar is polling a two point six percent. You would know it, because she's on all the shows, but you know, Yang polls better than Klobachar. Buttibieg will hang. He's at 7. Sanders is at 17. Warren at 20. Biden at 29. 


Wall Street Journal has just eviscerated Elizabeth Warren on her, I'm going to give everybody health care. I'm going to give everybody this. I'm going to give everybody that. There isn't enough money in the world to pay for what Elizabeth Warren is promising, and if she ever got elected, the entire stock market would tank, the entire economy would collapse. People would move out of the United States, including corporations. It would be a depression here. That's The Wall Street Journal. Read the editorail, I'm not going to get into it, but I'm going to read it. 


Now, earlier today, I did an interview with Governor Mike Huckabee. Very smart guy, ran for president, you remember. He interviewed me for his program and then I interviewed him for this program. Roll the tape. 


"So, Governor, you've been around since the civil war, I think. You've seen every presidential campaign. Is there anyone in the Democratic field that you think could mount an effective counter to President Trump?"


"I really don't see it, Bill, and I'll tell you why, none of them have the charisma. When this thing started, I thought Kamala Harris might have the juice, but Tulsi Gabbard took her apart in the first debate and she's never recovered. Now she's lopping off her campaign staff and she's shown she's better at dancing than she is campaigning. So Elizabeth Warren may have some momentum, but she's unelectable. Nobody, when it gets down to it, if they have a choice to vote for someone who's going to raise their taxes and spend 52 trillion on a health care plan, I just don't think Americans are that stupid yet." 


"But the Democrats have a huge advantage with their partner, the national media. What you're going to get is Democrats good, Trump Republicans bad, over and over and over again. Will that mean anything in next year's election?" 


"It will mean something to the less informed voter, and I don't to be insulting to the less informed voter, but a lot of people are still going to get their news from the major networks, some of the cablers, and when they do, they're going to get a very unflattering picture of Donald Trump, because 90 percent, 90 percent of the news coverage about President Trump is negative. Now, it's impossible that everything he has done is 90 percent negative. Our country would be taking to the streets in riots, but the one advantage that Donald Trump has over most people is his capacity to go directly to the voters and bypass the media, which he does with social media like Twitter, he does with his rallies and he does with word of mouth, with his supporters who are rabid and who go out and talk to their friends, their neighbors, at church, at the grocery store, at school events and in the streets. So normally, no other candidate would have a chance against this kind of monolithic media. The reason he does is because he's learned how to bypass them and go straight to the consumer." 


"OK. Do you have a impeachment scenario? Can you predict, based upon your and I have tell the audience that Governor Huckabee is one of the savviest politicians in the country. He's the longest serving governor in Arkansas history and really knows his stuff. He's an honest man. Do you, Governor, have a scenario? How do you think impeachment is going to play out?" 


"I think the Democrats will ultimately vote to impeach. I think they're kind of stuck and they don't have a choice. They've got to go there. If they don't, their own base is going to turn against them. I don't think Pelosi deep down wants this. I think a lot of the older Democrats, the ones who were around in 98, some who were certainly alive, maybe not in Congress, but remember what happened in the impeachment of even Nixon. That was a very bipartisan approach. The one with Clinton was a very partisan approach, even though there were some Democrats who voted for it. But this is different, this is clearly an incredibly one sided issue. But the Democrats have almost put themselves in a corner. They've got some horrible leadership and some goons like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, people who have no business running anything. When they impeach, it'll go to the Senate where it will die an excruciating death, not just because Republicans are in charge, but because then evidence is going to start coming out to show what a sham this entire thing was and how that impeachment was their vehicle to get rid of Donald Trump because they didn't think they could defeat him at the polls." 


"All right, Governor, you match my scenario pretty well, which means you're brilliant, of course. I really appreciate you talking to us today.". 


"Always a pleasure.". 


"Let's talk again soon, Governor, thanks very much." 


OK. Here's a very interesting story that you should know about, that did not get any coverage anywhere. George Soros Policy Group, a nonprofit that focuses on advocacy, spent seventy two million dollars in lobbying since January 2017. All right. Almost three years, seventy two million dollars and nobody knows where this goes. Now, he has to, at the end of the year, put out a sheet, alright, and say I gave this group, that group, but you don't even know these groups are. We traced Soros money to the migrant caravans. All right. It went through four different groups. That's how you do it. You do four different groups. But the bottom line is that Soros has put 72 million into political action committees with one purpose and one purpose only, to assassinate the characters of people with whom he disagrees. 


OK. Now, for years, Soros attacked me through these groups. All right, and, you know, they came out of nowhere. Nobody was identified. All of this stuff gets smeared out there. It was all over the Internet. Sometimes it would get picked up on the mainstream media and nobody knew where it came from. It came from him. When you get 72 million dollars over a three year period, and it is probably more than that when it comes right to January. Let's say it's 80. OK? I mean, that's more than, that's about twenty seven million dollars a year. Where does that money go? It goes to hire people, to smear other people. That's where it goes. So you got to know that, how much big, big money is behind the smears. The next time you see somebody get accused of anything, whatever it may be, good chance. Now I know I'm going to get letters. Isn't it illegal? What can we do? Can't do anything. He's got lawyers all over the place and he gives money to nonprofit groups who are in business are people. What he does. 


New York City, there was a march against the cops, about a thousand people. Now, these are anarchists. They're like ANTIFA, not ANTIFA per say, though. These are we hate cop people. Roll the tape. 


"...The system is outrageous. They put our kids in cages. Trump hates. Trump Pence, out now..."


All right. So that group, what it wants is all the prisoners released. All right. Take everybody out of prison, even violent people. No laws enforced. You want to jump the subway turnstile? Go right ahead. That's what that was about. The cops are grabbing people who jump over the subway turnstiles. Two dollars 75 cents for a ride, a subway. A lot of people don't pay it. They go right over. Cops get them. They get a ticket. They don't get prosecuted, they get a ticket. They don't want that. These are these are anarchists. 


Now, New York City crime rate is way, way down, thanks to Giuliani and Bratton and a few of the other politicians that we've had. Bloomberg did a decent job. All right. Today, the New York City police commissioner, James O'Neill, quit, because his people, the cops on the street don't like him because he fired a cop that was involved in a controversial case, local case. You know, in this march, they defaced police cars. They wrote terrible things. They spit at police. They throw stuff at police and nobody's ever prosecuted. Cops don't do anything because they're under orders not to do anything. You arrest one of these people, bring them in, you get in trouble. So the cops don't like O'Neill because O'Neill's attached to the mayor, de Blasio, who's anti cop. So we got a big problem here in New York, even though the crime has been suppressed big time, about 90 percent drop in the murder rate in the last 30 years. OK. Cops are demoralized. So O'Neill's out and the anarchists, you know, the anarchists are the anarchists, they are always going to be there. Let everybody do everything. 


Mark Cuban, you know him. He owns the Dallas Mavs. I kind of like Cuban. Every time I run into him, I have a few laughs, but he's a little kooky. He now wants television news outlets to be under the thumb of the government. He wants the government to run the television news outlets and make sure they fact check the news. Mark, you want the government to control it? I mean, it's bad. I know it's bad, Mark, I'm with you on that. CNN, MSNBC, the is bad. I got it, but you want the government to be regulating them? No. That's what the founding fathers...No. The press is independent, unfortunately, it's corrupt and that is unfortunate. 


OK, let's take a quick break and back with some mail and a Final Thought on piling on. You will want to hear this. Go. 


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OK. Let's go to Michael Skiles in Charleston, West Virginia.


"Mr.O'Reilly, for the very first time since the impeachment nonsense began, you revealed the whistleblower's name, his connections and perhaps his motives. Brilliant.". 


Thank you. 


"I didn't hear a whisper of it on Fox or any other cable network or any major network news program. That's why I value your podcast so highly.". 


OK. I don't know why they don't do it. I don't. Again, people ask me all the time, what happened to this? What happened to that? I really, I can't tell you why. I don't know. 


Penton on the message boards. 


"I'm seriously concerned about this republic justice system is going beyond a point where we as honest Americans can't do anything about it. Promises of the Horowitz Report and special prosecutor Durham raining this political criminal in". 


Talking about I guess, about Schiff. 


"It seems to fade with time. Still, Pelosi and Schiff move ahead on obstruction." 


Look, I'm frustrated with the Justice Department, I don't know why Michael Horowitz's report isn't out. It should have been out. It's done. That's Donald Trump. That's him. He's in charge of Justice Department. If he wants the Horowitz report out, he just calls up Barr and says put it out. He's the president. Durham is going to take some time and should. When Durham comes back in the spring, that's gonna be an election game changer, what he finds out, because people may be arrested, charged, indicted. Big people. But I'm frustrated like you are. 


John Bergstrom. Rockford, Illinois. 


"Read most of the Killing books and watched every Factor for years.". 


Thank you, John. 


"My wife loved the United States Trump. I'm reading it now. I love being a Premium Member. You said John Bolton could really hurt Trump. You also said Trump has done nothing impeachable." 


Up to this point. You know, if new stuff comes out, then we'll evaluate it fairly, but John Bolton, you know, he worked for Trump and he's a conservative man. If he goes in and says Trump is incompetent or he is this or he is that... it's going to hurt him. 


Kathy Crippen. Waco, Texas. 


"What happened to the second whistleblower?". 


What happened to the first whistleblower? They're gone because it was a corrupt play. Corruption started this whole thing. Just like the dossier started the Russian collusion, the fictional dossier started that and the whistleblowers with an agenda started this. See the similarity? 


Lucinda Kalis. North Chesterfield, Virginia. 


"Would you please address a reason why impeachment is allowed to go forth behind closed doors? It's simply because the Constitution lays out the rules?". 


No, the Constitution says the House of Representatives has the power to impeach and they make up the rules, the House does and nobody can do anything about it. It wasn't very well defined by the founding fathers. They trusted the house, the people's house, would do a fair job. Well, they haven't, not in this case. So what do we do? I think maybe we take a look at that impeachment clause, but it would have to be voted on by all Americans, as it should be. 


David Ron. Westlake, Ohio. 


"Over the past weekend, I spoke to a friend whose business being impacted by the China tariffs. With all the money being collected by the Treasury, we were wondering where all that money's going.". 


You know, I'm wondering the same thing. So we're we're slapping tariffs on Chinese goods. They're paying them because they still want to sell stuff here. They're not making as much money as they did because they got to pay the tariffs and it goes to the Treasury, but after that, it's a black hole. I don't know where it goes. I would like to know. Maybe somebody in the White House press could ask President Trump. 


David Raskis. St. Louis. 


"I've been watching the No Spin News religiously for more than a year. Thank you for providing factual clarity during these times of intense media bias. It's great to have access whenever I want it. Thank you and your team for keeping me informed.". 


You're welcome. That's what we're here for, and I'm... spread the word. Spread the word. 


On the message board. Dolores. 


"Thoroughly enjoyed reading the United States of Trump. You provided a great insight into a very complex man. Thank you for the clarity and humor you provide in your Message of the Day and the No Spin News.". 


You ar welcome, Dolores, very welcome. 


Jeff. I just ordered my bumper stickers, Impeach the president. Impeach the media, I should say. The bumper sticker says, Impeach the media. 


"I'm giving them to my family for Christmas. How did the urchins like their bumper stickers that you gave out on Halloween?". 


What an excellent question. Glad you followed up. I had little kids. I didn't have any, I thought I was gonna get some, you know, 11 to 13, no, they all went to a different part of town. I got the really little kids, so I didn't torture the little kids with the Impeach the Media bumper sticker. 


Aris Magafan in Bethesda, Maryland. 


"This weekend, my parents, Angelo and Susan are celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary. Could you wish them a happy anniversary?" 


I will, but I can't do less than 50. It is too many, but Angelo and Susan, forty years, be very proud of your son. Aris is man's name, right? It could be a daughter. I want to get, I'll get the piling on in a moment. But I want to tell you, we have posted a Concierge email from Julia in Sarasota, Florida, on the Web site. I hope you read it. Concierge Membership, tremendous gift for Christmas and Hanukkah. Tremendous. You get a signed book when you sign up for Concierge Membership. Upgrade, I mean, it's it's really something that can help you and really, it's a good service. So please read her. 


We have Mesa, Arizona. I will be out there November 16th, Saturday. There are about 275 tickets left and then I'll be in Huntington, Long Island, home field, December 15th. Only one hundred tickets left, so get them while we have them because they're gonna be sold out. Word of the day, do not be a puzzlewit. Hey, stop being a puzzlewit, real word, when writing to All right. Let's take a quick break and then be back on the Final Thought. 


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Final Thought of the Day. If you're a sports fan, you will know the New York Jets are terrible. They lost to the Miami Dolphins, who are terrible as well, on Sunday. Now the New York media is killing the coach, a man named Adam Gase. All right. Now, I've been a Jet fan since I was a little tyke. Joe Namith is a friend of mine. Tremendous guy. I feel bad for the Jets. They can never really get it together. Haven't won a Super Bowl since 1969 and Adam Gase, I don't know him, but he's getting a hell kicked out of him and so is a new quarterback, young guy named Sam Darnold.  

You know, piling on is not, is really not an American thing, it really isn't. So, yeah, the Jets are in bad shape and the coach is not doing a great job. We all know it. I don't think we have to beat the living daylights out of these people every hour on the hour, as the New York media is doing. That's piling on, there is something sadistic about it. Don't pile on. State your case. We know they're bad. Nothing else you can do. See you tomorrow. 


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