Tuesday Cannot Come Fast Enough
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 4, 2016
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A poll by CBS News says that 82% of Americans are disgusted with the presidential campaign.

Just 13% are excited by it.

Pretty much everyone I know can't wait until the vote is over.

Yes, there is a lot at stake but all the negativity has not been good for the country.

TRUMP: "Hillary Clinton has engaged in far reaching criminal conduct and in an equally far reaching criminal cover up, including the destruction of 33,000 emails after receiving - after, can you imagine if I did that?  ((EDIT)) That alone is big problems, for which she got away with murder.  Honestly she has no right to be running."


CLINTON: "Just a few days ago, Donald Trump was endorsed by the official newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan.  They wrote their endorsement under the endorsement of his campaign, 'Make America Great Again.'  They said it's about preserving white identity and they've placed their faith and hope in him."

To be fair Donald Trump has nothing to do with the Ku Klux Klan and Hillary Clinton has not been charged with anything yet.

Now there is a tradition of nasty presidential campaigns in America going all the way back to John Adams versus Thomas Jefferson.

But in this hyper-computer age where internet smears dominate, the discourse critical mass has been reached.

There is no question that both candidates despise each other and that many Americans are angry about the state of their country.

All of that negative emotion can be destructive.

Talking Points has tried to cover the campaigns in a fair way and I believe we have succeeded.

We do not cheap shot the candidates, but we do not shy away from telling you the truth about them.

My analysis of the recent Al Smith dinner in New York City is a good example of that.

For those of you who watch this program, you know that we believe that many far-left policies are damaging the USA.

And the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is embracing those policies.

My problem with Hillary Clinton is twofold -- she is not candid in her assessment of herself.

And that she has veered sharply to the left.

If Americans allow her to nominate a Supreme Court justice, things could get very intense for this country.

On the other side Donald Trump, who has been accessible to us, is not experienced in dealing with complicated geopolitical matters.

If elected, he will have to rely heavily on advisors and we do not know whether Mr. Trump will listen to them or not.

At this point whoever is elected president will enter the office as the most unpopular victor in history.

There is simply too much bitterness for it to evaporate in a matter of weeks.

Talking Points respects sincerely held beliefs, even those that go against my conscience.

But we are not seeing that kind of respect in this campaign.

Here's a vivid example.

Last week the Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre where I live issued a very heartfelt letter on abortion.

While the bishop did not take a political side, he clearly states that anyone who would support taking the life of a late-term baby for anything other than the life of the mother is participating in a grave injustice.

The bishop and every other cleric in this country have a perfect right to state that position without being attacked or scorned.

Hillary Clinton's position is that any late term abortion should be acceptable if the mother's health is in some kind of jeopardy.

But as we all know, health could mean anything, which is why there are laws against late-term abortion.

Mrs. Clinton's position is extreme but has gone relatively unnoticed.

Finally, we never endorse candidates here.  We never tell you for whom to vote.

We also understand that this campaign has been awful for the spirit of this nation.

And that's the memo.

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