Unacceptable Left Tenets
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 10, 2019
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If you take the time to think about the social civil war raging in this country the situation can almost overwhelm you.  Apparently, millions of Americans are now just fine with all kinds of things that were completely unacceptable just a few years ago.
Here’s a partial list:  open borders, hatred towards local police and federal immigration authorities, approval of “recreational” drug use, acceptance of public schools allowing children to secure abortions without telling their parents, asset confiscation through taxation, the outlawing of private health insurance companies, the acceptance of barbaric behavior in public ie: allowing bodily functions in public, using taxpayer dollars to pay people for historical injustice (slavery reparations) and basically allowing anti-social behavior on every level without consequences.
Those who support the above are primarily democrats.  But we must be fair - not all democrats are subversive far-left loons.  That’s why we should be watching the democrats who are running for president.  Will an extremist secure the nomination?  Will the radicals finally win over enough voters to make that happen?
The spectacle is depressing, at least for me.  If traditional America is destroyed, the planet is in big trouble.
Tonight we’ll talk with Bernie Goldberg about this.  See you for the No Spin News beginning at 7 eastern.
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