Voting Scandals
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 18, 2022
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With about two and a half million votes cast for Arizona's Governor, Kari Lake is behind Katie Hobbs by less than 18,000 ballots.

Nevertheless, the media has called the race for Hobbs, and Lake is refusing to concede.  That's because there were documented voting machine malfunctions and an incredibly slow count of votes.

To make matters worse, Ms. Hobbs herself is in charge of election integrity, a clear conflict of interest.

Federal monitors should be sent to Arizona to examine what happened there. I am not an election "denier," but this is an awful situation.

Of course, the Biden administration will do nothing about it because the Democrat, Hobbs, has been called the winner.

But this Arizona vote is a scandal, and federal oversight is badly needed.  The state simply cannot conduct a credible election.

In the end, Kari Lake will most likely not find 18,000 votes.  But she should raise as much hell as possible, so Americans understand some states are unable to fill their constitutional mandate of conducting an efficient and honest election.

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