We Must Accept Reality
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 2, 2022
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Throughout my career, I have always read the mail sent to me carefully. I believe in the general wisdom of the folks even though that is being eroded by cell phones and laptops - which divert us away from constructive thinking.

Very often those who correspond with me are confused about why bright people often refuse to acknowledge reality. Two examples. First, there is no question that President Biden is not leading the country effectively.  Yet, about 40 percent of American adults apparently believe he's doing a good job. How is that even possible?

The answer is deeply personal. Many folks simply will not admit mistakes. They will not accept that their decision to vote for Biden could have been wrong despite overwhelming evidence that the President is failing. We all know people who are never wrong, right?

Example two is the stolen election, the great steal as Donald Trump calls it. Millions of Americans believe President Trump did win in 2020, despite the fact that history says he did not. It may not be fair, but in order to prove the steal, you have to develop evidence that will stand up in court - conspiracy theories will not do it.  

In order for you, me, and every other American to succeed in life - we have to accept reality. If we do not, bad things will happen.

And that's exactly what is happening with President Biden. He is absolutely divorced from the damage his progressive policies are doing.  And so are the people around him. And because of that ... this country is suffering.

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