Weaponizing Tax Returns
By: Bill O'ReillyMarch 15, 2017
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The Trump tax return reveal courtesy of NBC News is a fascinating look at how the American media has now become a circus of ideology and cynicism.

Let's look at the facts.

Someone gave far-left reporter David Cay Johnston two pages of Donald Trump's IRS return from 2005. Old Dave says it simply arrived in his mailbox.

What a lucky break.

Johnston then gave the document to MSNBC in return for putting him on the air to spout all kinds of gibberish unchallenged.

The return shows that Mr. Trump rendered to Caesar what was legally required. He paid $38 million dollars in federal income tax 12 years ago.

But Johnston was indignant anyway.

By the way, Mr. Johnston is a quasi-socialist and also said that President Trump himself might have leaked the return to him, of course offering absolutely no evidence to support his contention.

I don't know about you, but I have a little trouble picturing the president asking his staff, “Hey, does anyone know where David Cay Johnston lives?”

Before the actual return was shown to the audience, the cable news host Rachel Maddow delivered a twenty-minute monologue describing various anti-Trump conspiracy theories that she espouses on a nightly basis.

It was kind of hard to follow as she hopped from Azerbaijan to Cyprus to Palm Beach to the U. S. Attorney’s office in New York City.

There was a Russian oligarch, bad people from Deutschebank and shadowy international transactions.

I kept waiting for Donald Trump to appear on the grassy knoll, but that did not happen.

Perhaps because they had to go to a commercial.

Then the real fun started for two full hours as a variety of anti-Trump merry-makers put forth more speculation than a panel at a UFO convention, portraying the president as Doctor Evil bent on destroying Western civilization as he pets his cat.

Lost in the "let's get Trump" marathon was the actual leak, which is a felony if it came from the government.

My guess is the Illuminati did it, but I'll check with David Cay Johnston.

No doubt MSNBC will derive ratings from this madness, which it has ever since they turned into the Syfy channel over there.

But it is not all about ratings.

Those folks want to destroy Donald Trump anyway they can.

That's the mission.

And they are just getting started.

And that's the memo.