What Biden Believes
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 25, 2020
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What Biden Believes
By the end of the second debate, Joe Biden was tired.  He looked at his watch and then appeared to be silently thinking: “who has my jammies?”

It was closing in on 10:30pm.

But old Joe was not a diminished guy on the stage.  If the definition of a debate winner is which candidate was helped the most, then President Trump won.  But Mr. Biden held his own until the last round when he blurted out that he wants to eliminate the oil industry.

I knew that all along but what I didn’t know until this week is exactly how Joe Biden feels about his country.  Yes, he’s a long-standing public servant and that should be respected. But, as far as the nation is concerned, Biden’s heart is in the wrong place.

In a rare question and answer with a journalist, the former Vice-President said this: “America was an idea.  We hold these truths to be self evident (that all men are created equal).  We’ve never lived up to it ...”

That is a far-left view; that the United States is not a noble nation because some citizens were and are denied equal rights.  So, we have to rearrange the country and create a powerful central government to “impose” social justice.  You may remember that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said pretty much the same thing when he opined America was “never that great.”

It is apparent that Joe Biden has bought into a governing concept that harms some citizens to benefit others.  And if he is elected President, many Americans are likely to be hurt in the name of economic, environmental, and racial “justice.”

It is certainly true that our country has treated blacks and Native-Americans unfairly throughout history.  I document that in my books “Killing Crazy Horse” and “Killing Lincoln.”  And, by the way, most Americans accept that history is flawed, not only here but in every single nation on earth.

The intent of the Founding Fathers was to provide a system that would allow freedom and the pursuit of happiness without government interference.  We fought the Revolutionary War and the Civil War to ensure that promise.  Over the years, hundreds of thousands of Americans have died in conflicts against tyranny.

Many of the colonists, including some of the Founders, understood that slavery was an insult to God and to humanity.  But the power did not exist in Philadelphia to force the southern colonies to outlaw it.  So, a new nation arose with a brutal deficit.

Does that mean America has never “lived up” to its promise?  No, it does not.

The truth that Joe Biden does not accept is that the United States today provides more opportunity to pursue happiness than any other country in the world.  Poor and desperate people in Honduras understand that.  Mr. Biden does not.

This is an unfair world and we are all sinners, capable of personal bias and destructive actions. But the promise of America is a nation where wrongs can be righted and individuals are allowed the freedom to choose their own destiny.

That promise has largely been fulfilled with the caveat that our system should constantly be improved because corruption and evil is never-ending on this planet.

After 47 years in government, Joe Biden does not seem to see the truth about America and he is not alone.

To me, that’s very sad.